Our vocational training students


After finishing high school, some of Bayon School students want to study at University or attend a vocational training. In December 2014, two of our students, Morn and Sei, finished their one year training in cooking at Haven. Haven is an NGO providing a quality training to young underprivileged khmer to become assistant and then Chief cook.  
haven_sei_01Now, Sei is working as a Chief Cook at Siem Reap Room guesthouse. His starting salary is 100$ and he will get a raise in 3 months. Thanks to his income, he will be able to support his family as well as save some money to pursue his study at the University in three years. In the future, he wants to be Chief Cook in a luxury hotel : “I’m so happy with my work !I will always be thankful to Bayon School who provided my formal education at primary school, then supported me in high school, and found a good vocational training for me. Without Bayon School support I am not sure I would have had this opportunity of a bright future”  
haven_morn_01Morn is a casual staff at Park Hyatt hotel. He earns 120$/month. He doesn’t have any plan to study at the University because he wants first to support his family to help them to improve their living conditions. Nonetheless, he would like to keep improving his cooking skills to become a Chief Cook in a big hotel in Siem Reap town within the next three years :“I feel very great with my job! I would like to say thank you to Bayon school who always supported me and other poor students”.  
We currently have 3 other students studying in higher education. One, Lim, is also at Haven training and will finish in the end of 2015. Two others are studying at the University : Kanha studies accounting and also works for Bayon School as an accountant, math and computer teacher for the Pastry School students. Khy studies IT and volunteers to give computer classes to some of our high school students every Sunday morning. We are working for this next generation of Cambodian in order to change their life for the best.


, 9 February 2015