A visit at school!


Last November, the school received the visit of Jacqueline Chouette, former President of Ecole du Bayon, accompanied by her husband and friends, active members of the organization, coming for the second time.

The program: guard of honor (it is quite normal for a Honorary President!), speech of motivation from Jacqueline to the children and group pictures.

For this great occasion, a lunch gathering all the children supported by Ecole du Bayon was organized. In total, almost 400 lunches were delivered. On the menu, Khmer rice noodles with curry, meat and bread, a real delight for all of us!

Jacqueline jumped on the opportunity of this day to discuss with the eldest students about their daily life and know their future plans.

Srey Mom, 24 years young woman, finance her first studies year in accounting at university thanks to a scholarship offered by the Soroptimist Riom, Chatel-Guyon, Volvic Club whose Jacqueline is a member. She thanked the former President for this generous help and really important to her..

That’s not finished, our visitors also brought a suitcase full of toothbrushes and toothpastes for our distribution of hygiene kits.

When Jacqueline comes to the school, it’s always with bags full of surprises!

អរគុណ* Jacqueline !

*Thank you in Khmer


, 30 January 2014