2018 has been a special year for Bayon School, with a lot of change. New buildings, new team members, new educational plan and new courses at the primary school, new orientation and counselling system for follow-up students, growth of the pastry school intake… We’ve come a huge way over the year! We’ve been able to dream of and achieve all those projects thanks to the support of our donators and sponsors.
At Bayon primary school, we’ve done significant work to improve both the infrastructures and the education provided. All classrooms now have concrete walls, fans and lights. New buildings have been added – we now have a library and a computer room which our students have been able to use when the new school year started in October. Those installations requiring more energy, we’ve added new solar panels and the school is now fully autonomously powered with renewables!
This year, the school needed increased involvement not only from team members but from students’ parents. 9 families have volunteered to take part in our veg garden project. We teamed up with an NGO specialised in organic farming to train those families to farming so that they can grow vegs to supply our canteen. This project has been very successful et will be developed further next year.
A veg garden has also been set up in the middle of the school to get some extra produce and teach farming to children. All those vegs are then cooked at the canteen, which has also been renovated. The old school wood fire, which drove a lot of smoke, has been replaced with gas hobs in a real, concrete kitchen which offers storing room and equipment for cooking and cleaning. The water system has also been reviewed entirely, and a dozen more taps have been installed to facilitate children cleaning their hands and brushing their teeth. New [fosses sceptiques] filter used water and cooking fats. So much change has happened!
After improving the school’s working conditions, efforts have focused on our educational plan. In order to offer children the best education, empowering them to come out of poverty, we’ve reviewed the school’s pedagogical principles and added new courses. A full-time headmaster has been appointed to manage the team, and we’ve hired new teachers for 4 out of our 6 grades, the library and the computer room. At the beginning of the school year, they received special training to adapt to children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and their specific needs and ways of learning.
New courses have been implemented to help children develop their curiosity, express their opinion, and collaborate. They can now attend the library, computing classes and arts (crafts and dance), which helps open their mind. They really enjoy it and those activities prove to positively impact the ‘conventional’ courses. In this sense, we’ve also been strengthening work with our follow-up students who can now meet inspiring individuals introducing them to their background and work one Sunday per month. Those meetings have been beneficial in the students’ plans for the future.
At the pastry school, results have exceeded our expectations. All students from the 4th intake have been hired in restaurants or hotels. We’ve received an incredible number of applications for the 5th intake – over 120 applications for 22 places! Our team have done an astounding work visiting remote villages to promote the pastry training and meet students in various schools. Given this growing interest, increasing capacity of the pastry school will be a priority over the next few years.
There’s no quick way of summing up all projects, actions and hard work done by our teams this year. Please visit our website and social channels to find out more about our projects. A massive thank you for your loyal support, which makes this fantastic project sustainable and allows us to continuously reinvent ways to bring our students towards a better future.
, 27 December 2018