An intensive year!

The school year is coming to an end for our young pastry students. Friday, Group 2 will have its last class while Group 1 will finish training. The month of July will be devoted to revisions, interviews practice and job search.

This year will have been rich in discovery for our young girls: discovery of Siem Reap, school, pastry, english class, accounting, hotel training … At the same time, the teaching team wanted to develop the open-mindedness of the students as well as their culture through many playful activities.
Special emphasis was placed this year on the serious environmental problems in Cambodia. Through presentations and activities, we wanted to sensitize young girls to the importance of sorting and recycling:
– Participation in the Clean & Green up Temple Town 2016 initiative: a large collection of waste in the city of Siem Reap.
– Achievement of a workshop at our partner Nagaearth to learn how to recycle paper, plastic bottles and plastic bags.
– Visit of the NGO Rehash Trash, which recycles plastic to make objects: baskets, placemats, pencil jars etc. The girls were able to try the plastic hook and leave with a recycled object!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


In addition, we wanted to allow girls to deepen their knowledge of Khmer culture.
That is why we took them the 8th of March (women’s day) to visit the cultural village of Siem Reap. They attended performances about every provinces of Cambodia.
The girls also had the chance to see a show of the famous circus Phare. This Cambodian NGO trains arts to young people. They do several well-known circus shows in Cambodia including one, Sokha, which stages the period of the Khmer Rouge.
Then, last week, the girls visited Artisans d’Angkor workshops, a social enterprise that aims to highlight Khmer culture through local crafts.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Finally, to complete the personal fulfillment of the young girls, we introduced them to Yoga. A widespread activity in Cambodia, yoga is both a physical sport but also a state of mind in which the healthy mind and the healthy body go hand in hand.Yoga class
Now time for reviewings, good luck to them!

, 26 June 2017