ASSET-H&C is a unique network of vocational training centres that promotes the social and economic inclusion of vulnerable people in Southeast Asia, through training and professional integration in the hospitality and catering business.
With their 14 members in 5 countries in South-East Asia, ASSET-H&C helps us by sharing their experiences, the pooling of resources, the promotion of good practices and, ultimately, the improvement of the results of each school. Members work hand in hand to increase their positive impact on disadvantaged youth & adult social and professional integration. ASSET-H&C also aims to offer training in hospitality-catering careers with a view to openings in sustainable professions.
Since 2016, the Bayon Pastry School has been part of ASSET-H&C network, which has recently been honoured by PATA Grand Award for Education and Training. At the end of October 2019, ASSET-H&C organised their annual regional seminarin Yangon, Myanmar with all their school members and the Bayon School was invited to participate.

Discover the summary of this event, through the testimony of Thorth, our deputy programs director!
“It was a wonderful experience for me, as a representative of the Bayon School, to participate in the two-and-a-half-day seminar organised by ASSET-H&C in Yangon, Myanmar. This workshop gathered 12 member-schools from Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. One of the major highlights of this experience for me was being able to meet the directors of each school; we could get to know each other and exchange our experiences.
The objective of the workshop was to facilitate networking between the school members, who are working on providing the necessary skills to disadvantaged people to enable them to find decent work in the tourism and hospitality industry. Each member could share their experience of working with these people in need and learn from the other schools’ experiences.


On the first morning, each member presented their school, their achievements and challenges in 2019 as well as their plans for 2020. In the afternoon, we discussed men-women equality, follow-up on graduates’ professional integration and alumni management. In the evening, we had the team challenge before enjoying dinner in the city of Yangon.
On the second morning, we discussed the ASSET-H&C progression and action plan for the next 3-5 years and in the afternoon, more than a hundred people participated in the stimulating conference on “Responsible business in tourism and hospitality”.

On the last day of the workshop, we visited Yangon Bakehouse Training Café to wrap up the discussion of the workshop before the participants left to return to their respective countries.
In my opinion, every school member find themselves in a similar social situation with the same challenges when trying to help their target people obtain the professional skills required for the tourism and hospitality industry. I was really excited to be able to participate in this kind of workshop, which allows us to share our best practices and take away new ones which could be applicable to the Bayon school.”


, 2 December 2019