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We have been selling Kampot pepper for 2 years in order to support Bayon school activities. This pepper is offered by Fair Farms, a company created in Cambodia in 2014.
The pepper is packed in small Krama bags made by the mother of one of our primary school student. The incomes generated through the selling of these bags increases Coffee Shop annual revenues and is also an opportunity for organizing external events such as the charity gala in Paris, the Albert Menez special offers, various sales in Singapore and Cambodia…
In addition, the selling of these Krama bags helps the mother to get additional income that contributes in improving her family living conditions.
All the profits generated from these sales benefits to Bayon School and help us to provide quality education to youths living in the temples of Angkor.

Fair Farms sells “The Kampot Jewels”, and its name expresses its founders’ willingness: to be fair and to help the local population.
“The Fair Farms philosophy is based on two main themes: respect for the land through 100% organic farming and respect for the human through the implementation of a social responsibility charter to improve to the way of life of our employees. Holidays, maternity leave, insurance, comfortable wages, meals, education, we take care of our family! “Norbert Binot – Founder of Fair Farms.
The team is composed of experienced farmers who have been growing pepper for generations. They control each tree to ensure their health and taste tests are done daily to ensure the optimal drying and quality.

The production techniques of “Kampot Jewels” are 100% organic and traditional:
– Manual watering for better control of diseases & insects
– Use of natural twines made on site to avoid soil pollution
– Respect of traditional farming methods
– Natural fertilizers
– Manual harvesting and sorting
– Drying in the sun on high table in enclosed space to avoid any contamination with the ground, animals or insects.
That way, Fair Farms guarantees optimum quality. This product is AB certified and Fair Farms is the first and only Fair Trade certified Fair Trade Company in Cambodia. In addition, Fair Farms managers are very committed in protecting the environment and allocate 2% of their turnover to various development projects (recycling of plastic and glass, creation of the first water filter at the farm…).
This quality allows Fair Farms to include among its customers some of the greatest gastronomy tables: Pierre Gagnaire, Romain Meder, Alain Ducasse training center, Julien Royer, Alexandre Couillon, etc.

The Bayon School thanks Fair Farms and its managers for their faithful support and for their work that “allow Cambodia grow” and our action as well! Congratulations!
, 3 May 2019

The Angkor Academy project in the spotlight!

On the occasion of the French UNESCO Associated School Project Network seminar, our Angkor Academy program, in partnership with Carlepont School has been awarded!


The participation in our Angkor Academy program of Carlepont school group, located in the north of France, is part of their involvement in the UNESCO international actions, following the idea of promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Every year, UNESCO organizes a seminar in France. For three days, school directors and project holder teachers meet in Paris. Among all the projects, 3 or 4 are selected to be showcased to the audience.

This year, its our Angkor Academy digital programme that has been selected! On the 17th March 2016, Jean-Marie Lelong, director of the Carlepont School, carried out the presentation and answered the audience’s many questions. The work of the students were highlighted, with its many intercultural exchanges, through the use of a magazine as a presentation material. Carlepont students’ point of view, their discovery of Cambodian culture and of our primary school via our digital platform can also be read.


You can find the magazine by clicking here (in French only).

AA cover


This award gives our project a fresh exposure and new partnerships are yet to come, with great pleasure! There are currently 7 partner schools located in 4 different continents: Carlepont school group (France – Europe), Terres blanches School of Frontignan (France – Europe), Notre Dame des Arts of Riom (France – Europe), Maunula Primary School (Finland – Europe), Higaturu Oil Palm International School (Papua New Guinea – Oceania), O.P. Jindal school (India – Asia), Yolstaaba Primary School (Burkina Faso – Africa). There is also a « Friend School », the nursery school of Prado (France – Europe) that helps us raise funds and school supply.

A big thank to Carlepont school group, to Jean Marie Lelong in particular and to his class of Grade 5 for our prolific exchanges!


Mélanie Hatte,
Angkor Academy project officer

, 7 April 2016

Our former volunteers get together in Paris!

From the left to the right on the picture: Alexandra, Perrine, Mayelle, Marion, Faye, Alice, Marie-Axelle, Clio, Jérémy and Michael

In the last two years, more than 30 persons have volunteered, from a few weeks to a few months, at Bayon School to put their skills and energy at the service of our numerous projects. To organize a holiday camp or to develop the Coffee Shop, their help has been more than welcomed to succeed in our mission.

Therefore, back in France, we wanted to thank them once more for their support by organizing a “former volunteer meeting”. A dozen of them joined us for a nice evening in a Parisian bar. It was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and share with them the latest news of Bayon School.

A reunion filled with the wonderful memories of all the time spent with the students of Bayon School!

, 16 March 2016

Visit of our japanese sponsors!

On the 11th and 12th of February, Kyoto South Rotary and students from Kyoto Foreign Studies University, that is to say 45 people, visited us at the pastry school and the primary school, with a lot of supplies for our students.

The visit started on Thursday the 11th of February at Bayon Pastry School. Divided into three groups, our Japanese friends spent some time in the coffee shop and tasted an assortment of financiers while our program director introduced the vocational training. Two Japanese airline companies (Jal and Ana) generously donated tableware for the school.

Rotary Kyoto Bayon coffee shop

The visitors met us on the next morning at the primary school where the children were waiting for them for a lively day!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Once everyone settled, the children received new supplies: flip-flops, school material, towels and special tableware for the canteen.

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

The children also got a book entirely created by the Japanese students for them: “A strategy for a clean village”. It is the story of a Cambodian village invaded by trash, like it is in real life for many of them. Some little monsters come to the village to eat the trash and scare the children. Thus, the inhabitants decide to clean their village and keep it clean! A great way to raise children’s and their families’ awareness about cleanliness and environment, all illustrated with nice water color pictures!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Thanks to some big signs they made, two students told the children the story, via a Khmer translator.

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

After receiving the supplies and thanking the donators, the children had lunch at the canteen and enjoyed an exceptional dessert: the financiers made at the pastry school!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto - financier

The visitors enjoyed Elodie’s canteen too and had a Khmer lunch with rice, vegetables and meat.


A big thank you to Rotary Kyoto South and Kyoto Foreign Studies University for your visit, for having supported Bayon School for several years and for your generous donations. The children had a great day and so did we!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

, 8 March 2016

Evolution of the Pastry School Project

Dear friends, Below are the latest news of the Pastry School. The Pastry School has open its doors to its 17 first students 4 months ago already. And during these four months, the students have made great progress. Here are some images of the girl’s first weeks of training.


Pastry classes

Before learning to bake cakes, it is essential for the students to learn about and understand the world of pastry. That’s the reason why their teachers Sokhoeurn and Sychay provide them with theoretical classes: vocabulary, pastry history, cooking methods, ingredients, food security… The students are regularly tested on their theoretical knowledge.




Regarding the practical side, the students now master some twenty recipes: financier, madeleine, lemon meringue pie, chocolate banana mousse, chocolate eclair, chocolate fondant, brownie, macarons, cookies… Beyond recipes, they also learn the importance of decoration and presentation, with fruit curving for example.

pastry_girl pastries

Complementary classes

The students receive two hours of English class per day. The level improves in a generally satisfactory manner, even if the students of group 1 have more possibilities. The subjects: kitchen vocabulary, equipment, utensils and ingredients, conjugation, grammar and oral practice. After six weeks of mathematics classes to review all the basics (addition, subtraction, conversion, multiplication and division), the students now follow computer classes: turn on and off a computer, create a file, create documents, emails, internet, etc…


pastry_internshipThe girls of group 1 just came back from a 6 weeks internship. The 8 students had the chance to train in the most luxury establishments of Siem Reap. During this experience, they got the chance to experience a work environment, a professional kitchen and its speed and apply the recipes learnt during classes. Their tutors were all very happy about them, which filled them with pride. The students of group 2 also started their internships.   We would like to thank you again for your support without which this great adventure would not have been possible.

, 12 February 2015