school party :

School Party!


On Saturday 2nd August, all the students of the School from grade 2 to 12 get together at the Bayon Pastry School to celebrate the end of the school year!   Under a traditional Khmer tent, we all shared a typical Khmer meal listening to Khmer most popular songs! It took some time, but we were soon all dancing around the tables! Here you can listen at some famous Khmer songs:



▶ A classic one, covered by an actual Khmer band: Chnam Oun Dop Pram Mouy (I am 16) – Cambodian Space Project

▶ The biggest hit of the year 2015: Rom Kalok Loca Loka – Sereymon

▶ A song we hear a lot: Mtes na men hel – Sokun Kanha

▶ The favourite Khmer song of Ange, our Manager: Sva Rorm Krovy Leo Tina


We were all shaking our bodies in rhythm and happiness, and it was already time to go to the West Baray to spend the rest of the afternoon. The rain arrived there as soon as the four trucks parked but we almost forgot about it! We were here to have fun (and for most of the kids, Khmer food). Some of them went into the very hot water (water level is very low after the dry season), some of them play cards, others lay on the hammock, and a lot of them took pictures with their friends.

fete_ecole_aout2015 Then we went back to the school in the truck, playing the students favourite game: scream at all the people/motorbikes/cars we passed, and try to catch the leaves from the threes.   We all had a lot of fun, and the students from all grades really enjoyed the day, Bayon School Staff also!


We hope that some students will obtain their high school diploma this year, others are living the Bayon Primary School for Public Schools in Siem Reap, Pastry students passed their exams, and some of the volunteers will live soon. But if this celebration ends a school year it is also the beginning of something new: new pupils for grade 1 were selected, a new promotion of the pastry school will start soon, new volunteers and new staff will arrive…

A new year to fight poverty and promote education!  

, 31 August 2015

Khmer New Year School Party

To celebrate Khmer New Year, we organized like every year a big party with all the school students! From grade 2 to grade 12, as well as the pastry school students, we all gathered in an empty field in front of the Pastry School to have lunch. Then, some music, two Khmers singers for a live show and the students happily went to dance! To conclude the day and cool off a little, we brought them all to the Baray, a large artificial lake within the Angkor area. The kids played and swam all afternoon in a joyful atmosphere. All the volunteers and a few teachers joined them in the lake. Without any chance to rest, they were mercilessly attacked with downpours of water by the children but didn’t hesitate to reply in kind. In the end, everyone had lots of fun and went home with a handful of nice memories!


, 5 May 2015