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Bayon’s friends, always mobilized!

A family from Notre-Dame des Arts school in Riom visits Bayon

During their trip in Cambodia, the Gauthier-Lamontagne family visited us on the 8th of April with generous donations for our students: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and clothes.

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After seeing the pastry school and the coffee shop, they went to the primary school, which was occupied by many monkeys while the children where on holidays for Khmer new year.
As part of Angkor Academy project and to share their culture, the children Clémence and Yann had prepared, with their classmates of the Notre-Dame des Arts (partner of the project), individual presentation cards which will be given to our students.


Vintage cars gathering in Volvic

Although the spring had not reached Volvic yet on the 17th of April, vintage car fans still came with their umbrella to admire the 71 cars which, after parading in the town, were watched with enthusiasm.


In the hall, thanks to the happy owners, a friendly atmosphere was reigning… Some members of our association worked all day to provide people with drinks and pastries. They raised the amount of a school year for two children in Bayon.
Thank you to all the people who enabled this fun and helpful day and particularly to Nicole Laurent for all the work she did before and during the event.

buvette Volvic

New “bowl of rice” operation in Ste Marie highschool of Riom

Like every year, in a spirit of sharing with the underprivileged ones, the teachers and student of Ste Marie high school of Riom, supervised by Thérèse, replaced their usual lunch with a bowl or rice, on the 25th of April. The benefits were granted to Bayon School.
All the interested people could have lunch in a big room where Jacqueline Chouette, our president of honor, was commenting a presentation about food in Cambodia, local farming and climate. A slide show about Elodie’s canteen opened the discussion on hands and teeth hygiene and water use optimization. The teenagers and teachers had many interesting questions on those topics.
Thank you to all the people who got involved in this successful solidarity action, which will help several children go to school for a year.

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Hike and BBQ in memory of Elodie

On Sunday 24th April, the members of the association Le Rêve d’Elo welcomed 370 people for a hike (8 or 12 kms).

Marche d'ELO 2016 041

After the walk, Virginie, their president, thanked the attendees, the partners and the town council. She presented the association, its humanitarian goal in favor of Bayon school’s canteen and reported the outcome of the last actions.
Mai, our president in Cambodia, took the floor too and talked about the current projects of the school.
Christophe, member of our association, brought up the canteen’s working and precised that on the last medical check-up, the doctor had already noticed an improvement of the children’s health linked to a healthy nutrition.
Finally, Joël paid tribute to his daughter Elodie.
The hikers and non-hikers got together around a BBQ.

Le rêve d'élo barbecue

This event enabled Le Reve d’Elo to raise almost €7,000 for Elodie’s canteen, that’s to say about a third of the yearly running costs!

A huge thank you to the attendees, organizers and particularly Cathy and Joël for their involvement.

, 2 May 2016