fête de l’école :

Khmer New Year School Party

To celebrate Khmer New Year, we organized like every year a big party with all the school students! From grade 2 to grade 12, as well as the pastry school students, we all gathered in an empty field in front of the Pastry School to have lunch. Then, some music, two Khmers singers for a live show and the students happily went to dance! To conclude the day and cool off a little, we brought them all to the Baray, a large artificial lake within the Angkor area. The kids played and swam all afternoon in a joyful atmosphere. All the volunteers and a few teachers joined them in the lake. Without any chance to rest, they were mercilessly attacked with downpours of water by the children but didn’t hesitate to reply in kind. In the end, everyone had lots of fun and went home with a handful of nice memories!


, 5 May 2015