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News from Irene, WLTW 2

Well it is difficult to summarize the past wonderful 7 months of my „We like the world 2 – the encounter of dreams“ adventure in a short article but I will try .


I always had a BIG dream which was to do a trip around the world. But there were always many excuses why not to do it… Job, Career, relations, family, money … excuses because I was also scared to do this step and really travel around the world on my own. Till the moment I discovered „We like the world“ a project created by a French family who I know through my job: the Colas family has travelled the world for 12 months raising money to build a school in Burkina Faso. Every time a Facebook friend or “real time” friend hosts the family, the Colas donated $100 to their “We Like the World” project. Inspired by this project and concept of traveling the world through friends and friends with a cause (girls education) end of last year I decided that it finally was the right moment to make my dream come true: We like the world 2 – the encounter of dreams.


End of April I started my 6 months journey and I decided to support Ecole du Bayon and help the girls there to make their dreams come true through education: for every hosted night, I donate 50$ to fund the education of the girls of the Bayon school , 50 $ = 2 months of school for 1 girl. The trip will be over very soon and it has been the BEST experience of my life! I have visited 13 countries, places I never went to and other places I liked and wanted to go back to discover them further: London, Dubai, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Bali, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, French Polynesia and last but not least California where I am currently.

But what made my journey so special?




The Places and people


Of course the fact to have a long time off and being able to discover all the wonderful places I have visited. But beyond this beautiful and stunning places what was really amazing about the trip are the people I met and who hosted me in the last 6 months forming a global chain of solidarity what make my trip so unique.

So far I have been hosted in 13 countries, for 130 nights by 34 hosts! This means 6500 $for the school but on top of this four of my friends joined me in different places and also participated on the project which means additional 1400 $ for the school and there will be additional funds through the WLTW association and fundraising.


The mission and the cause!


And of course the fact that I have a mission which in difficult moments (which also exist on a dream trip :-) really gave me the motivation to go on!


Many people ask me what the highlights of my trip were… This is a very difficult question as there were many in terms of places, encounters and emotions. For sure one big and emotional highlight was my stay in Cambodia and the visit of Ecole du Bayon right at the beginning of the trip. During my stay I met and shared a lot with the girls to know their lives and their dreams. I attended different classes Khmer, English and Bokator and one highlight was for sure a „thank you lunch“ organized by the team with all the children! I also spent a lot of time with the team, learned about Cambodia and its culture and even was invited to two local weddings.


I realized some of my other dreams like eg. seeing Angkor Wat, walking on the Great Wall of China, Sailing the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, bungy jumping in New Zealand, diving in the South Pacific, eating the freshest Sushi at Tokyo Fishmarket , learning to surf in Bali, learning to say Hello & Thank you in all local languages of the places I have been to….


I am both sad as this fantastic journey is over soon but also very happy to see my family and friends soon.


One thing is sure: the memories of this DREAM journey and ENCOUNTERS will last forever and I will for sure continue supporting the school after my trip!


I would like to thank all my hosts and the team of Ecole du Bayon for their support and great work and of course the Colas family for the great inspiration.


Som orkun !




, 12 November 2013