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Summer camp 2016: the scouts share their experience

On every summer holiday, some volunteers go to Cambodia and organize activities for the primary school students. In August 2016, we welcomed the Passy scouts, a group of seven young studets. Some of them wrote about these two weeks in our NGO.
Vitalie: « I found the children happy, vigorous and always very enthusiastic »
For two weeks, we have been in charge of grade 3 and then grade 4. Each class had its particularities but I remain with very good memories of all the children! Every day was organized the following way: a two hour lesson on the morning, on English vocabulary, mathematics, geography… Every morning, we would revise the previous days’ lessons and use the same format. The children were generally motivated. The best pupils would whisper the answers to the others and they would stuggle pronouncing the « sh » of « fish », but they were very motivated and showed willing. We would favor the use of paper and boost their writing by asking to spell words and write them on the board, which could take some time but I think they will still remember these lessons.
After a well-deserved break, during which the boys woul play football, we would organize sports activities for the second part of the morning: chicken-fox, beret and other scout games. We first failed in explaining the games, but then a khmer teacher joined to translate the explanations and make communication easier. After that, the games worked really well and they globally liked it, even asked for more! After a good lunch break, we would start the afternoon activities.
Those could vary: activities in the classroom about logics, labyrinths (they would solve them quicked than us), puzzles (we noticed a different logic) or arts activities: painting, clay on the ground, origami, wristbands making (with their own method)…
The day would generally end with football for the boys and games for the girls. On the last day, we organized Olympic activities and offered the grade 3 students to come back to the school for this special day. Some of them showed up, which made us very happy! They all made it a great day!
I thought the children happy, vigorous and always very enthusiastic when we suggested games, they were also motivated and resourceful, even though in a different logic. Even is communication wasn’t always easy, there was always someone to help out, but we would remain autonomous in organizing the activities. Some teachers like Mrs Pok took part of the activities! I keep great memories, this experience within Bayon School was very fulfilling and I would be delighted to go again.
Louis: « Upon contact with these children, we got very humble »
When we went to Bayon coffee shop for the first time, we were warmly welcmed by the staff of the NGO which kindly hosted us in the Pastry School. The relationships there were very friendly from the start. They made it easy for us so that we spend two beautiful weeks!
On the Monday morning, we headed towards Bayon primary school to meet the grade 3 children for the first time. Their shyness quickly disappeared in favor of enthusiasm for the activities we were offering. Communicating was a daily challenge which just strengthened the bonds between the Khmer children and our team. We learnt their names, the way we pronounce them were often followed by laughters. Upon contact with these children, we got very humble and I had two amazing weeks. To give my time to people in need is a pleasure and when these people give back to you, it is even more rewarding!
Let’s not forget the Bayon coffee shop, which would remind us of our country with their good French pastries!
Big thanks to all the members of Bayon School who made this trip an extraordinary experience which will remain to me a week of sharing and happiness!
Hugues: « Neither trip nor humanitarian activity had taught me so much before »
Neither trip nor humanitarian activity had taught me so much as this mission with Bayon school students, as culturally as on the human side. It was a pleasure to teach and play with children who were so involved in their work and their will to make progress. Besides, we had a good welcome from the staff members, who kindly hosted us and gave us some advice on the activities, while still letting us be independent and providing us with a part of the supply we needed.
If I had to live this experience again, I wouldn’t think twice before saying Yes!
Hilzonde: « I was with much emotion that we said goodbye on the last Friday »
After getting over the jetlag, I can now put words on my experience in Cambodia, for Bayon School. My six scout pals and I have given classes with the grades 3 and 4 students of the primary school on the morning and organized sports and arts activities on the afternoon.
For these two weeks, everything went fantastic and a few anecdotes remains in my mind. Indeed, almost 10 000 km away from home, differences are bound to happen. For instance, after teaching the children the family member vocabulary in English, we realized they were not familiar at all with family trees. Also, the geography exercises showed that they were unable to place Cambodia on a world map (now they now it, as well as France  ). Finally, one day we asked them to do a puzzle and it was their first time. The beginning was complicated.
After these 3 surprising things, we were marked by their joy and constant smile. The children were very proactive, especially in mathematics, and they were happy to go to school although it was holiday. Concerning the arts and sports activities, they proved to be better than us at making wristbands and the boys replayed the 2016 Euro in the pagoda.
Even if we didn’t speak the same language, we have created bonds very quicky. They were between 11 and 14 years old but looked younger and were very sweet. We were glad when some of them would join us on the way to school and would ride the final 10th kilometer with us.
It was with much emotion that we said goodbye on the last Friday, knowing that we would miss the Kids party on the Sunday because of our flight to Paris. I would have been blissful to stay for one more week!
I will miss the coffee shop and the local temperature!
Thank you Claire for welcoming us in the NGO and letting us achieve this project we cared about so much, thank you Julie and Chloé for making us feel comfortable and giving us your expats’ tips!
Bayon School thanks Adrien, Agathe, Alice, Hilzonde, Hugues, Louis and Vitalie!
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, 6 September 2016

Bayon’s friends, always mobilized!

A family from Notre-Dame des Arts school in Riom visits Bayon

During their trip in Cambodia, the Gauthier-Lamontagne family visited us on the 8th of April with generous donations for our students: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and clothes.

Photos Lumix 04-2015 610
After seeing the pastry school and the coffee shop, they went to the primary school, which was occupied by many monkeys while the children where on holidays for Khmer new year.
As part of Angkor Academy project and to share their culture, the children Clémence and Yann had prepared, with their classmates of the Notre-Dame des Arts (partner of the project), individual presentation cards which will be given to our students.


Vintage cars gathering in Volvic

Although the spring had not reached Volvic yet on the 17th of April, vintage car fans still came with their umbrella to admire the 71 cars which, after parading in the town, were watched with enthusiasm.


In the hall, thanks to the happy owners, a friendly atmosphere was reigning… Some members of our association worked all day to provide people with drinks and pastries. They raised the amount of a school year for two children in Bayon.
Thank you to all the people who enabled this fun and helpful day and particularly to Nicole Laurent for all the work she did before and during the event.

buvette Volvic

New “bowl of rice” operation in Ste Marie highschool of Riom

Like every year, in a spirit of sharing with the underprivileged ones, the teachers and student of Ste Marie high school of Riom, supervised by Thérèse, replaced their usual lunch with a bowl or rice, on the 25th of April. The benefits were granted to Bayon School.
All the interested people could have lunch in a big room where Jacqueline Chouette, our president of honor, was commenting a presentation about food in Cambodia, local farming and climate. A slide show about Elodie’s canteen opened the discussion on hands and teeth hygiene and water use optimization. The teenagers and teachers had many interesting questions on those topics.
Thank you to all the people who got involved in this successful solidarity action, which will help several children go to school for a year.

College lycée riom2

Hike and BBQ in memory of Elodie

On Sunday 24th April, the members of the association Le Rêve d’Elo welcomed 370 people for a hike (8 or 12 kms).

Marche d'ELO 2016 041

After the walk, Virginie, their president, thanked the attendees, the partners and the town council. She presented the association, its humanitarian goal in favor of Bayon school’s canteen and reported the outcome of the last actions.
Mai, our president in Cambodia, took the floor too and talked about the current projects of the school.
Christophe, member of our association, brought up the canteen’s working and precised that on the last medical check-up, the doctor had already noticed an improvement of the children’s health linked to a healthy nutrition.
Finally, Joël paid tribute to his daughter Elodie.
The hikers and non-hikers got together around a BBQ.

Le rêve d'élo barbecue

This event enabled Le Reve d’Elo to raise almost €7,000 for Elodie’s canteen, that’s to say about a third of the yearly running costs!

A huge thank you to the attendees, organizers and particularly Cathy and Joël for their involvement.

, 2 May 2016

The Angkor Academy project in the spotlight!

On the occasion of the French UNESCO Associated School Project Network seminar, our Angkor Academy program, in partnership with Carlepont School has been awarded!


The participation in our Angkor Academy program of Carlepont school group, located in the north of France, is part of their involvement in the UNESCO international actions, following the idea of promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Every year, UNESCO organizes a seminar in France. For three days, school directors and project holder teachers meet in Paris. Among all the projects, 3 or 4 are selected to be showcased to the audience.

This year, its our Angkor Academy digital programme that has been selected! On the 17th March 2016, Jean-Marie Lelong, director of the Carlepont School, carried out the presentation and answered the audience’s many questions. The work of the students were highlighted, with its many intercultural exchanges, through the use of a magazine as a presentation material. Carlepont students’ point of view, their discovery of Cambodian culture and of our primary school via our digital platform can also be read.


You can find the magazine by clicking here (in French only).

AA cover


This award gives our project a fresh exposure and new partnerships are yet to come, with great pleasure! There are currently 7 partner schools located in 4 different continents: Carlepont school group (France – Europe), Terres blanches School of Frontignan (France – Europe), Notre Dame des Arts of Riom (France – Europe), Maunula Primary School (Finland – Europe), Higaturu Oil Palm International School (Papua New Guinea – Oceania), O.P. Jindal school (India – Asia), Yolstaaba Primary School (Burkina Faso – Africa). There is also a « Friend School », the nursery school of Prado (France – Europe) that helps us raise funds and school supply.

A big thank to Carlepont school group, to Jean Marie Lelong in particular and to his class of Grade 5 for our prolific exchanges!


Mélanie Hatte,
Angkor Academy project officer

, 7 April 2016

School Party!


On Saturday 2nd August, all the students of the School from grade 2 to 12 get together at the Bayon Pastry School to celebrate the end of the school year!   Under a traditional Khmer tent, we all shared a typical Khmer meal listening to Khmer most popular songs! It took some time, but we were soon all dancing around the tables! Here you can listen at some famous Khmer songs:



▶ A classic one, covered by an actual Khmer band: Chnam Oun Dop Pram Mouy (I am 16) – Cambodian Space Project

▶ The biggest hit of the year 2015: Rom Kalok Loca Loka – Sereymon

▶ A song we hear a lot: Mtes na men hel – Sokun Kanha

▶ The favourite Khmer song of Ange, our Manager: Sva Rorm Krovy Leo Tina


We were all shaking our bodies in rhythm and happiness, and it was already time to go to the West Baray to spend the rest of the afternoon. The rain arrived there as soon as the four trucks parked but we almost forgot about it! We were here to have fun (and for most of the kids, Khmer food). Some of them went into the very hot water (water level is very low after the dry season), some of them play cards, others lay on the hammock, and a lot of them took pictures with their friends.

fete_ecole_aout2015 Then we went back to the school in the truck, playing the students favourite game: scream at all the people/motorbikes/cars we passed, and try to catch the leaves from the threes.   We all had a lot of fun, and the students from all grades really enjoyed the day, Bayon School Staff also!


We hope that some students will obtain their high school diploma this year, others are living the Bayon Primary School for Public Schools in Siem Reap, Pastry students passed their exams, and some of the volunteers will live soon. But if this celebration ends a school year it is also the beginning of something new: new pupils for grade 1 were selected, a new promotion of the pastry school will start soon, new volunteers and new staff will arrive…

A new year to fight poverty and promote education!  

, 31 August 2015