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Visit of our japanese sponsors!

On the 11th and 12th of February, Kyoto South Rotary and students from Kyoto Foreign Studies University, that is to say 45 people, visited us at the pastry school and the primary school, with a lot of supplies for our students.

The visit started on Thursday the 11th of February at Bayon Pastry School. Divided into three groups, our Japanese friends spent some time in the coffee shop and tasted an assortment of financiers while our program director introduced the vocational training. Two Japanese airline companies (Jal and Ana) generously donated tableware for the school.

Rotary Kyoto Bayon coffee shop

The visitors met us on the next morning at the primary school where the children were waiting for them for a lively day!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Once everyone settled, the children received new supplies: flip-flops, school material, towels and special tableware for the canteen.

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

The children also got a book entirely created by the Japanese students for them: “A strategy for a clean village”. It is the story of a Cambodian village invaded by trash, like it is in real life for many of them. Some little monsters come to the village to eat the trash and scare the children. Thus, the inhabitants decide to clean their village and keep it clean! A great way to raise children’s and their families’ awareness about cleanliness and environment, all illustrated with nice water color pictures!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Thanks to some big signs they made, two students told the children the story, via a Khmer translator.

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

After receiving the supplies and thanking the donators, the children had lunch at the canteen and enjoyed an exceptional dessert: the financiers made at the pastry school!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto - financier

The visitors enjoyed Elodie’s canteen too and had a Khmer lunch with rice, vegetables and meat.


A big thank you to Rotary Kyoto South and Kyoto Foreign Studies University for your visit, for having supported Bayon School for several years and for your generous donations. The children had a great day and so did we!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

, 8 March 2016

Natan’s Bike


Goal well achieved for the first Natan’s Bike!

800 kilometers by bicycle to raise money for the children of Bayon School are done!

Last July, the Fondation Natan decided to meet the challenge to ride from Angers to Saint-Jean-de-Luz by bike. A crowdfunding campaign was also organized on HelloAsso in order to raise 5 400€ (which represents one year of meals for 45 students).

Two challenges well taken up because the participants rode over 800km and raised more than 6 200€! In 2013, Fondation Natan already supported the Bayon Pastry School project. This year, they decided to support the Bayon School and the Canteen.

A huge THANKS for the support! If you want to join the crowdfunding launched by Fondation Natan and support the Bayon School, you have 80 more days to make a donation at fondation-natan.org.

, 25 August 2015

Khmer New Year School Party

To celebrate Khmer New Year, we organized like every year a big party with all the school students! From grade 2 to grade 12, as well as the pastry school students, we all gathered in an empty field in front of the Pastry School to have lunch. Then, some music, two Khmers singers for a live show and the students happily went to dance! To conclude the day and cool off a little, we brought them all to the Baray, a large artificial lake within the Angkor area. The kids played and swam all afternoon in a joyful atmosphere. All the volunteers and a few teachers joined them in the lake. Without any chance to rest, they were mercilessly attacked with downpours of water by the children but didn’t hesitate to reply in kind. In the end, everyone had lots of fun and went home with a handful of nice memories!


, 5 May 2015

Bayon School’s health project is materializing!

A nurse, Marie, is at Bayon School for few months to participate to the health project development.
Clinic is finally established! Medicines and basic materials are available for the teachers. A first aid training will be made to the teachers, and also about the indications of basic medicines to administer.
Since a year and a half, every three months, hygiene kits are distributed to all the children at Bayon School. The kit includes a soap, washing powder, toothbrush, toothpaste and sanitary napkins for the girls. We will complete the kid distribution by a training about hands washing and tooth brushing. Hands washing is very important and can considerably avoid diseases. We notice that toothbrushes donation reduced a lot the bad case dentition. This observation has been realized thanks to a follow-up of a French doctor who comes each year at Bayon School to consult the children voluntarily.
Despite the tooth brush donation and their benefits effects, about thirty children still need dental treatment. Thanks to Marie’s work, a Khmer dentist is agree to consult three children per week in order to do a training about dental hygiene and do free dental care.
Pastry School is going to have also a first aid training and a lesson about sexual education.

, 4 May 2015

Evolution of the Pastry School Project

Dear friends, Below are the latest news of the Pastry School. The Pastry School has open its doors to its 17 first students 4 months ago already. And during these four months, the students have made great progress. Here are some images of the girl’s first weeks of training.


Pastry classes

Before learning to bake cakes, it is essential for the students to learn about and understand the world of pastry. That’s the reason why their teachers Sokhoeurn and Sychay provide them with theoretical classes: vocabulary, pastry history, cooking methods, ingredients, food security… The students are regularly tested on their theoretical knowledge.




Regarding the practical side, the students now master some twenty recipes: financier, madeleine, lemon meringue pie, chocolate banana mousse, chocolate eclair, chocolate fondant, brownie, macarons, cookies… Beyond recipes, they also learn the importance of decoration and presentation, with fruit curving for example.

pastry_girl pastries

Complementary classes

The students receive two hours of English class per day. The level improves in a generally satisfactory manner, even if the students of group 1 have more possibilities. The subjects: kitchen vocabulary, equipment, utensils and ingredients, conjugation, grammar and oral practice. After six weeks of mathematics classes to review all the basics (addition, subtraction, conversion, multiplication and division), the students now follow computer classes: turn on and off a computer, create a file, create documents, emails, internet, etc…


pastry_internshipThe girls of group 1 just came back from a 6 weeks internship. The 8 students had the chance to train in the most luxury establishments of Siem Reap. During this experience, they got the chance to experience a work environment, a professional kitchen and its speed and apply the recipes learnt during classes. Their tutors were all very happy about them, which filled them with pride. The students of group 2 also started their internships.   We would like to thank you again for your support without which this great adventure would not have been possible.

, 12 February 2015