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Evolution of the Pastry School Project

Dear friends, Below are the latest news of the Pastry School. The Pastry School has open its doors to its 17 first students 4 months ago already. And during these four months, the students have made great progress. Here are some images of the girl’s first weeks of training.


Pastry classes

Before learning to bake cakes, it is essential for the students to learn about and understand the world of pastry. That’s the reason why their teachers Sokhoeurn and Sychay provide them with theoretical classes: vocabulary, pastry history, cooking methods, ingredients, food security… The students are regularly tested on their theoretical knowledge.




Regarding the practical side, the students now master some twenty recipes: financier, madeleine, lemon meringue pie, chocolate banana mousse, chocolate eclair, chocolate fondant, brownie, macarons, cookies… Beyond recipes, they also learn the importance of decoration and presentation, with fruit curving for example.

pastry_girl pastries

Complementary classes

The students receive two hours of English class per day. The level improves in a generally satisfactory manner, even if the students of group 1 have more possibilities. The subjects: kitchen vocabulary, equipment, utensils and ingredients, conjugation, grammar and oral practice. After six weeks of mathematics classes to review all the basics (addition, subtraction, conversion, multiplication and division), the students now follow computer classes: turn on and off a computer, create a file, create documents, emails, internet, etc…


pastry_internshipThe girls of group 1 just came back from a 6 weeks internship. The 8 students had the chance to train in the most luxury establishments of Siem Reap. During this experience, they got the chance to experience a work environment, a professional kitchen and its speed and apply the recipes learnt during classes. Their tutors were all very happy about them, which filled them with pride. The students of group 2 also started their internships.   We would like to thank you again for your support without which this great adventure would not have been possible.

, 12 February 2015