école de pâtisserie :


We have been selling Kampot pepper for 2 years in order to support Bayon school activities. This pepper is offered by Fair Farms, a company created in Cambodia in 2014.
The pepper is packed in small Krama bags made by the mother of one of our primary school student. The incomes generated through the selling of these bags increases Coffee Shop annual revenues and is also an opportunity for organizing external events such as the charity gala in Paris, the Albert Menez special offers, various sales in Singapore and Cambodia…
In addition, the selling of these Krama bags helps the mother to get additional income that contributes in improving her family living conditions.
All the profits generated from these sales benefits to Bayon School and help us to provide quality education to youths living in the temples of Angkor.

Fair Farms sells “The Kampot Jewels”, and its name expresses its founders’ willingness: to be fair and to help the local population.
“The Fair Farms philosophy is based on two main themes: respect for the land through 100% organic farming and respect for the human through the implementation of a social responsibility charter to improve to the way of life of our employees. Holidays, maternity leave, insurance, comfortable wages, meals, education, we take care of our family! “Norbert Binot – Founder of Fair Farms.
The team is composed of experienced farmers who have been growing pepper for generations. They control each tree to ensure their health and taste tests are done daily to ensure the optimal drying and quality.

The production techniques of “Kampot Jewels” are 100% organic and traditional:
– Manual watering for better control of diseases & insects
– Use of natural twines made on site to avoid soil pollution
– Respect of traditional farming methods
– Natural fertilizers
– Manual harvesting and sorting
– Drying in the sun on high table in enclosed space to avoid any contamination with the ground, animals or insects.
That way, Fair Farms guarantees optimum quality. This product is AB certified and Fair Farms is the first and only Fair Trade certified Fair Trade Company in Cambodia. In addition, Fair Farms managers are very committed in protecting the environment and allocate 2% of their turnover to various development projects (recycling of plastic and glass, creation of the first water filter at the farm…).
This quality allows Fair Farms to include among its customers some of the greatest gastronomy tables: Pierre Gagnaire, Romain Meder, Alain Ducasse training center, Julien Royer, Alexandre Couillon, etc.

The Bayon School thanks Fair Farms and its managers for their faithful support and for their work that “allow Cambodia grow” and our action as well! Congratulations!
, 3 May 2019

Behind the scenes of a new project at Bayon Pastry School

Riana, 22 years old, tells us about her experience in our pastry school and introduces the beautiful project she was in charge of.

I study management at NEOMA Business School in Rouen. Since I entered this school, I have always been willing to follow two principles. The first one is to find out what I am really passionate about and choose my internship according to that. The second one is to keep involved in education for everyone because I am aware of how lucky I have been to be able to study so far. When I was told about Bayon Pastry School, I was immediately interested. I had just finished an internship at Danone, during which my addiction to deserts had grown and I was seeking a mission for an NGO in education. Working for a pastry school? Challenge accepted!
At Bayon Pastry School, I was in charge of a pastry cookbook that will be sold to raise money for the pastry training. I had to organize the whole project (the different steps, the budget, the planning…) and write the contents of the book. Our goal is to make a beautiful book that tells the story of the school so that everyone can read it even if they don’t intend to cook!
For this purpose, we had to make something different from the other cookbooks thanks to a significant storytelling. Why not immerse into a pastry student’s life? That’s the story I decided to tell. Along the book, we can follow the school year of a young woman: her integration in the school, her first steps in the professional world, her doubts and success, until her graduation! The story is based on testimonies from the students of the second intake (2015-2016). Actually, some testimonies will appear in the book throughout the book. Each chapter contains recipes that are linked to what the student narrator is living. Thus, we encourage the readers to put themselves in her shoes and live this experience with her! The trip wouldn’t be complete without a few pages about Khmer culinary culture and traditions! They are between some chapters to make the reader travel even more… A special guest’s recipe will also appear in the book. To find out more, you’ll have to read the book!
This experience will remain and unforgettable adventure and a great time in my studies. I had the chance to manage the project independently in a country that I didn’t know. I think there is no better way to discover and understand the way Khmer people work! The project has a strong creative potential. To write a book was a childhood dream. Conceiving the editorial approach, writing the chapters, giving my ideas… I think I had never felt such a fulfilment and had so much fun! Telling a student’s story also offered a great advantage: I spent a lot of time with the students to get to know their story and built bonds with them. Also, the Bayon team supported me, told me the NGO’s story and helped me understand their values. I keep in my mind a lot of good time, laugh and of course delicacies!
A big thank you to the whole staff of Bayon School for these three tremendous months! I am looking forward to having the book in my hands as well as a good passion fruit & chocolate tart!

We thank Riana for her enthusiasm, her creativity and her professionalism in implementing this project! We regret that she couldn’t stay with us longer!
The preface of the book and a recipe will be written by a renowned French chef who is involved too in access to education for everyone ! Big thanks to this chef whose name will be kept secret for now!
Finally, we would like to send our warmest thanks to Natan and Pasquier foundations who are financing this project and enable us to make a beautiful book!
The pastry cookbook is in progress and should be ready for sale in 2017. Keep updated!

, 26 September 2016

Bayon Pastry School Coffee shop celebrates its first anniversary!

After a well-deserved holiday for Khmer New Year, the team of the pastry school organized an event to celebrate the coffee shop first anniversary.



On the morning of Sunday 24th of April, a party atmosphere prevailed at Bayon Pastry School Coffee shop. About thirty partners of the school (hotels who welcome our students for internships, business clients, suppliers and friends of the NGO) enjoyed a breakfast buffet to discover or rediscover our products.


Natan Bayon pastry school IMG_1425

Romnea, who manages the coffee shop, and some students were mobilized to help us. They made an astounding work! It was a real management exercise for Romnea and an interesting role-playing for our pastry apprentices!



Claire, our program director, took the floor to remind the origin of our project. Then, two partners spoke. Sopheap Doung, Human Resources Manager at Amansara hotel, highlighted the benefits for students about being immersed in big hotels for their internships and her satisfaction about Bayon Pastry School students. Afterwards, Antoine Lhomme, Food and Beverage Manager at Heritage hotel, explained why the establishment chose to be provided with bread and croissants from the school.




Some posters tracing the pastry school’s story were exhibited in the garden. You can see them by clicking here.


Finally, the anniversary party was the ideal opportunity to present a new pastry that has been created for our school by Samuel Potiron, pastry chef, at the request of Natan Foundation which supports our project. That pastry, called the “Natan”, is a mango mousse dome on a French shortbread. It was served in exclusivity and is now on the coffee shop menu.


The Natan

A big thank you to the staff of the school and to the students for their involvement and to the guests for being by our sides for this special morning!


, 26 April 2016

Congratulations Intake 1!

It’s over ! After 11 months of hard work, learning, internships and concentration, we are very proud to announce that all the students of Intake 1 have graduated! Even better, all the students have find a a job less than three weeks after the end of the training! A great joy for them, their families and for us! Education does change lives! Thank YOU for giving them this opportunity!

Final exam

After group 2 came back from their second internship, the students had some time to review all their lessons before the final exams, which included:


▶ Pastry practice exam: the students had 3 hours to prepare a pastry recipe and a bakery recipe. The recipes were defined by a lucky draw. The students were judged by the Executive Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Siem Reap’s biggest hotels and pastry shops.

▶ Theory exams : pastry theory, English, accounting, IT, the different subjects studied during the year were concerned, as well as a job interview in English, conducted by the  General Manager of Héritage Suite Hotel and the Training Manager of Sofitel.

▶ A « behavior » grade based on the student’s attitude throughout the year: school life, motivation and commitment.

DSC_7569 DSC_7629

Graduation ceremony

An evening filled with emotion, organized to honor the students, in the presence of their families, their NGO, their tutors as well as the teachers and staff of Bayon School, and to celebrate the success of this first intake!

Bayon Graduation Ceremony

The first job

This is the most important objective of our project: that ALL the students find a job after their training. Mission accomplished, less than three weeks after the end of the training!

The young women will now be able to live an independent life, while supporting their families, with an average salary of 120$/month, which is way higher than the average. But mostly, they will have the opportunity to evolve in a growing sector in Cambodia, with the promise of a beautiful career.

Bayon Pastry School Students, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sokha et Cola ont décroché leur premier emploi !

The success of the first intake proved us the sustainability and positive impact of this project in the lives of these young women and their families.

And it’s THANK TO YOU!! Thank you again for your trust and your support.

But this is only the beginning! A new intake of 18 girls coming from very poor backgrounds and often remote provinces of Cambodia will start their training in a few days.


Continue to support our project and make a real difference in the lives of these young women! We count on you!

, 31 August 2015

Evolution of the Pastry School project

The students began their last class period before the final exam and the diploma. Over the weeks, we have observed their evolution with great joy: progress in pastry and English of course, but mainly curiosity, autonomy, and what they were missing most, self-confidence. We are therefore getting closer to our final objective: providing them with professional skills, obviously, but also helping them becoming strong and independent women.

Pastry class

The students now have a good level of pastry: different creams and dough, pies, cakes, bakeries, breads, mousses, sorbets, ice creams… hold no secrets for them anymore! Of course, they still need to learn a lot and mostly gain experience, a lot of experience before becoming eligible for a pastry Chef position. But in a few weeks, they will be ready for their new life as young professional pastry cooks. In the past few weeks, the students have had the chance to learn, one afternoon a week, a new recipe with Scottish Chef Steven Halcrow. Steven was, among his many experiences, Chef de Partie in a Michelin- starred restaurant in Scotland. The students are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn and cook by his side.



The selling of cakes has started in December and has a certain success. In addition to direct sales, several companies have asked us to participate in events by providing cakes or even by running an information booth to raise awareness about our project. A perfect occasion for the girls to practice their English!


Inauguration of the extension of Natura Resort


Creations for the UNESCO conference held at Meridiem Angkor.

Coffee Shop

Located within the Pastry School and opened onto our beautiful garden, The Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop opened its doors at the beginning of March. Offering a real haven of peace in the center of Siem Reap, the visitors can enjoy the pastries prepared by the students, as well as hot and iced coffees, teas, smoothies, frappes and soft drinks. Beyond the objective of self-financing the School, the Coffee Shop is also a training area for the students: service, customer relation, English.


Complementary classes

As the English classes continue daily, and after computer and mathematic classes, the students now attend introduction to accounting and personal development classes. Introduction to accounting aims to enable the girls to make a simple budget (income and expenses), determine food costs and a reasonable selling price. The personal development class offers them the possibility to practice interviews, writing cover letters and CVs. Next step for the students: the final exam in July!

And don’t forget to « like » the Coffee Shop Facebook page: www.facebook.com/bayonpastryschool !

, 5 May 2015