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Bayon’s friends, always mobilized!

A family from Notre-Dame des Arts school in Riom visits Bayon

During their trip in Cambodia, the Gauthier-Lamontagne family visited us on the 8th of April with generous donations for our students: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and clothes.

Photos Lumix 04-2015 610
After seeing the pastry school and the coffee shop, they went to the primary school, which was occupied by many monkeys while the children where on holidays for Khmer new year.
As part of Angkor Academy project and to share their culture, the children Clémence and Yann had prepared, with their classmates of the Notre-Dame des Arts (partner of the project), individual presentation cards which will be given to our students.


Vintage cars gathering in Volvic

Although the spring had not reached Volvic yet on the 17th of April, vintage car fans still came with their umbrella to admire the 71 cars which, after parading in the town, were watched with enthusiasm.


In the hall, thanks to the happy owners, a friendly atmosphere was reigning… Some members of our association worked all day to provide people with drinks and pastries. They raised the amount of a school year for two children in Bayon.
Thank you to all the people who enabled this fun and helpful day and particularly to Nicole Laurent for all the work she did before and during the event.

buvette Volvic

New “bowl of rice” operation in Ste Marie highschool of Riom

Like every year, in a spirit of sharing with the underprivileged ones, the teachers and student of Ste Marie high school of Riom, supervised by Thérèse, replaced their usual lunch with a bowl or rice, on the 25th of April. The benefits were granted to Bayon School.
All the interested people could have lunch in a big room where Jacqueline Chouette, our president of honor, was commenting a presentation about food in Cambodia, local farming and climate. A slide show about Elodie’s canteen opened the discussion on hands and teeth hygiene and water use optimization. The teenagers and teachers had many interesting questions on those topics.
Thank you to all the people who got involved in this successful solidarity action, which will help several children go to school for a year.

College lycée riom2

Hike and BBQ in memory of Elodie

On Sunday 24th April, the members of the association Le Rêve d’Elo welcomed 370 people for a hike (8 or 12 kms).

Marche d'ELO 2016 041

After the walk, Virginie, their president, thanked the attendees, the partners and the town council. She presented the association, its humanitarian goal in favor of Bayon school’s canteen and reported the outcome of the last actions.
Mai, our president in Cambodia, took the floor too and talked about the current projects of the school.
Christophe, member of our association, brought up the canteen’s working and precised that on the last medical check-up, the doctor had already noticed an improvement of the children’s health linked to a healthy nutrition.
Finally, Joël paid tribute to his daughter Elodie.
The hikers and non-hikers got together around a BBQ.

Le rêve d'élo barbecue

This event enabled Le Reve d’Elo to raise almost €7,000 for Elodie’s canteen, that’s to say about a third of the yearly running costs!

A huge thank you to the attendees, organizers and particularly Cathy and Joël for their involvement.

, 2 May 2016

Visit of our japanese sponsors!

On the 11th and 12th of February, Kyoto South Rotary and students from Kyoto Foreign Studies University, that is to say 45 people, visited us at the pastry school and the primary school, with a lot of supplies for our students.

The visit started on Thursday the 11th of February at Bayon Pastry School. Divided into three groups, our Japanese friends spent some time in the coffee shop and tasted an assortment of financiers while our program director introduced the vocational training. Two Japanese airline companies (Jal and Ana) generously donated tableware for the school.

Rotary Kyoto Bayon coffee shop

The visitors met us on the next morning at the primary school where the children were waiting for them for a lively day!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Once everyone settled, the children received new supplies: flip-flops, school material, towels and special tableware for the canteen.

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

The children also got a book entirely created by the Japanese students for them: “A strategy for a clean village”. It is the story of a Cambodian village invaded by trash, like it is in real life for many of them. Some little monsters come to the village to eat the trash and scare the children. Thus, the inhabitants decide to clean their village and keep it clean! A great way to raise children’s and their families’ awareness about cleanliness and environment, all illustrated with nice water color pictures!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Thanks to some big signs they made, two students told the children the story, via a Khmer translator.

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

After receiving the supplies and thanking the donators, the children had lunch at the canteen and enjoyed an exceptional dessert: the financiers made at the pastry school!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto - financier

The visitors enjoyed Elodie’s canteen too and had a Khmer lunch with rice, vegetables and meat.


A big thank you to Rotary Kyoto South and Kyoto Foreign Studies University for your visit, for having supported Bayon School for several years and for your generous donations. The children had a great day and so did we!

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

Bayon Rotary Kyoto

, 8 March 2016

Evolution of the Pastry School project

The students began their last class period before the final exam and the diploma. Over the weeks, we have observed their evolution with great joy: progress in pastry and English of course, but mainly curiosity, autonomy, and what they were missing most, self-confidence. We are therefore getting closer to our final objective: providing them with professional skills, obviously, but also helping them becoming strong and independent women.

Pastry class

The students now have a good level of pastry: different creams and dough, pies, cakes, bakeries, breads, mousses, sorbets, ice creams… hold no secrets for them anymore! Of course, they still need to learn a lot and mostly gain experience, a lot of experience before becoming eligible for a pastry Chef position. But in a few weeks, they will be ready for their new life as young professional pastry cooks. In the past few weeks, the students have had the chance to learn, one afternoon a week, a new recipe with Scottish Chef Steven Halcrow. Steven was, among his many experiences, Chef de Partie in a Michelin- starred restaurant in Scotland. The students are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn and cook by his side.



The selling of cakes has started in December and has a certain success. In addition to direct sales, several companies have asked us to participate in events by providing cakes or even by running an information booth to raise awareness about our project. A perfect occasion for the girls to practice their English!


Inauguration of the extension of Natura Resort


Creations for the UNESCO conference held at Meridiem Angkor.

Coffee Shop

Located within the Pastry School and opened onto our beautiful garden, The Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop opened its doors at the beginning of March. Offering a real haven of peace in the center of Siem Reap, the visitors can enjoy the pastries prepared by the students, as well as hot and iced coffees, teas, smoothies, frappes and soft drinks. Beyond the objective of self-financing the School, the Coffee Shop is also a training area for the students: service, customer relation, English.


Complementary classes

As the English classes continue daily, and after computer and mathematic classes, the students now attend introduction to accounting and personal development classes. Introduction to accounting aims to enable the girls to make a simple budget (income and expenses), determine food costs and a reasonable selling price. The personal development class offers them the possibility to practice interviews, writing cover letters and CVs. Next step for the students: the final exam in July!

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, 5 May 2015

Evolution of the Pastry School Project

Dear friends, Below are the latest news of the Pastry School. The Pastry School has open its doors to its 17 first students 4 months ago already. And during these four months, the students have made great progress. Here are some images of the girl’s first weeks of training.


Pastry classes

Before learning to bake cakes, it is essential for the students to learn about and understand the world of pastry. That’s the reason why their teachers Sokhoeurn and Sychay provide them with theoretical classes: vocabulary, pastry history, cooking methods, ingredients, food security… The students are regularly tested on their theoretical knowledge.




Regarding the practical side, the students now master some twenty recipes: financier, madeleine, lemon meringue pie, chocolate banana mousse, chocolate eclair, chocolate fondant, brownie, macarons, cookies… Beyond recipes, they also learn the importance of decoration and presentation, with fruit curving for example.

pastry_girl pastries

Complementary classes

The students receive two hours of English class per day. The level improves in a generally satisfactory manner, even if the students of group 1 have more possibilities. The subjects: kitchen vocabulary, equipment, utensils and ingredients, conjugation, grammar and oral practice. After six weeks of mathematics classes to review all the basics (addition, subtraction, conversion, multiplication and division), the students now follow computer classes: turn on and off a computer, create a file, create documents, emails, internet, etc…


pastry_internshipThe girls of group 1 just came back from a 6 weeks internship. The 8 students had the chance to train in the most luxury establishments of Siem Reap. During this experience, they got the chance to experience a work environment, a professional kitchen and its speed and apply the recipes learnt during classes. Their tutors were all very happy about them, which filled them with pride. The students of group 2 also started their internships.   We would like to thank you again for your support without which this great adventure would not have been possible.

, 12 February 2015