“Yes, no more school!”


Like every August, the school year ends for our students. It is now time to go on a new adventure and start the Holiday Camp! Sports, manual activities, team games and much more are planned. Our mission: bringing fun and educational games to the young Bayon students!   A big thanks to Bayon High School students for their most appreciated help, their commitment to the holiday camp and their very useful translations from English to Khmer. We will remember kindly the few misunderstandings that led to some innovative and original game rules…but what’s more fun than that! For the most curious ones, a short anecdote: proud to have gathered enough rolls of paper to do an activity, we had a good laugh at seeing their skeptical faces regarding the purpose of this object!

Spending 3 weeks with the children was a surprising and fun experience. – Lucie

Bayon School is also the school of smiling and sharing, where everyone’s commitment give a true meaning to the wonderful experience. – Flora

The mixing of cultures, the sharing of ideas, the games and the children’ smiles are the biggest treasures of this amazing adventures. – Solène

, 31 August 2015