two women engaged
for the education
of disadvantaged youths.

At Bayon School, social policy is led by M. Thorth Torn, but the field work and analysis is conducted by our two social workers: Soky for primary school and Chhein for pastry school. Both aged 30, they conduct many activities within Bayon School team.
Soky joined our team in 2017. She grew up in a village near Angkor Wat temple and has always lived in Siem Reap. After high school, she wanted to choose a training that could lead to social professions but such studies do not exist in Siem Reap. She therefore joined ACE (the Australian center for foreign language learning) to learn English.

During that period, she gave English classes at the ABC Center to finance her training. Teaching is something she particularly likes. Her job as a social worker allows her, among other things, to teach students the rules of life in community, good manners and notions of respect, she loves it!
After finishing her studies, she continued working at ABC Center but this time as a social worker. This one-year experience allowed her to gain experience and to discover the various aspects of this complex job. Then, she joined Bayon Education & Development NGO where she first worked with Viseth (social manager until 2018). Soky started providing medical assistance to students and organizing family visits.
After Viseth’s departure, Soky took full responsibility of social actions related to the primary school:
– Conduct family visits, social assessment and review
– Support the recruitment of new students (sharing application file, interviewing families …)
– Coordinate the follow-up program: providing bicycles, uniforms and school equipment at the beginning of each school year, checking monthly absences and results, supporting the vocational guidance, providing medical support if needed …
– Participation in the life of the school (supporting teachers, implementation extra-curricular activities, preventing absences …)

Even if her day-to-day life is very busy, Soky loves her work and the proximity she has with Bayon students and their families. Family refusal after social selection can sometimes be aggressive for her and it affects her a lot. However, she is able to cope with it because she knows that it allows to ensure the quality of the education set up at Bayon School.
Once every quarter, she organizes a parents’ meeting to inform them about school news, remind them school rules and answer their questions. She loves to help them and it is a real vocation for her, she would not imagine doing another job.
As time goes by, she created relationships with every students and learned about each one behaviors, the positive and also negative ones.
Today, she feels that she has found the balance between authority and closeness. In only two years, she became the point of contact between the students’ parents and the primary school team.
A lot of work has to be done in the following months, especially social evaluation and selection for next school year. M. Thorn and her are also preparing a document formalizing Bayon School recruitment policy.
The whole Bayon team thanks her for her daily commitment, professionalism and willingness.
Bravo Soky!
, 27 March 2019