SMART AXIATA – Partner of Bayon’s School


With the COVID-19 crisis, the Bayon School has experienced, and is still experiencing, a very complicated, unprecedented period. We have had to adapt and react quickly in order to support our pupils and to allow them to continue their schooling. The students at the Pastry School had to return to their homes as early as 9th March, with nobody knowing how long the situation would all last.

Maintaining contact with the students

For the first two weeks, the teachers and social team did everything they could to maintain contact, through phone calls and by sending work to be done at home. It became obvious very quickly however that most students did not have a smartphone or a good internet connection and that we needed to look for a solution with local partners in order to equip the students, thus enabling us to set up a structured distance learning programme.

Support from Smart Axiata

In partnership with Sala Baï, our counterpart in Siem Reap for young people’s professional training, we contacted Smart Axiata, the leading mobile telephone provider in Cambodia, who had set up the endowment fund “1 Million USD COVID-19 Relief Fund” to help the local associations deal with the challenges of the crisis.

“While we connect millions of people daily with each other and the Internet, we recognize the immense responsibility we have to play in helping the Kingdom as well as various sectors and communities recover from the significant impact COVID-19 has caused,” said Thomas Hundt, Chief Executive Officer of Smart Axiata


The Bayon School and Sala Baï submitted a request, which was approved by Smart Axiata, for a donation of 186 smartphones with 5 months’ credit, allowing an internet connection, 186 headphones, 15 tablets, 6 laptop computers and 5 overhead projectors. This exceptional donation has allowed our two NGOs to connect our students to our teachers and carry out live distance learning, thanks to high-performance tools.


Once again, we would like to thank Smart Axiata, the leading mobile telecommunications operator in Cambodia, for this donation, which allows our students to continue their schooling at a distance, by receiving regularly videos and lessons online with our teachers who have stayed in Siem Reap.


, 29 September 2020