Selection process of our students


Selection process of our students

New school year calls for new students! So like every year, we launched in June the selection process of our new Grade 1 students for 2015/2016. Application forms were available at the Primary School for the parents to fill and bring back to the School Director within a month.


To ensure fairness in our selection, we base our decisions on several criteria:

  1. ▶ Age between 6 and 8 years old
  2. ▶ Must live within 5km from the school
  3. ▶ If less than 6 members in the family, the total income must be below 150$ per month
  4. ▶If more than 6 members in the family, the total income must be below 200$ per month


These criteria in mind, our first step is to separate the applications meeting the criteria from the ones that don’t. Then, our social worker, with the support of the project or programme manager, visits all the families who passed the first step to verify and complete the information they gave us. It is also the occasion for her to evaluate the parents’ commitment to their child education to limit the risk of him/her dropping out of school before finishing grade 12.   When all the family visits are finished, the selection committee (Programme or Project Manager, the Social Worker, the School Director and the Teacher of Grade 1) meets to select the final 40 students that will join our school. The poorest ones are given priority, as well as girls over boys in case of similar social level, leading us to unfortunately refuse some students (more applications than available places) that meet our criteria but are just not the most underprivileged ones. Also, if the parents don’t show any commitment to their child education, and are just interested in getting education for free for a few years before sending their child to work, we reject his/her application no matter the family social level.

With this selection process, we hope to select needing but also motivated students to give them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams thanks to a well-educated and enlightened mind.

, 31 August 2015