Photo Competition « Women and girls in Cambodia »


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Article 1: Organisers

The NGO Soutien à l’Ecole de la Pagode du Bayon also known as SEP du Bayon (Ecole du Bayon or in English: Bayon School), is a NGO established under the French law of the 1st of July 1901 under the number W634001129, called hereafter under the name “The organiser”, of which the registered office is located in the Lieu-dit Le Moulin de Faye, 87400 Moissannes, France, is organising a photo competition (free) from the 18 May 2015 to the 18 June 2015, 23h59 (Cambodian hour).

On the occasion of the opening of its Coffee Shop, the Bayon School is organizing a photo competition on the theme “Women and girls in Cambodia”.

Article 2: Participants’ Eligibility

The photo competition is free of charge and open to adults, internationally (it has to be mentioned that all the prizes are in-kind services, performed by “the organiser” and its partners in Siem Reap, Cambodia. However, the expiry date allow their use during a relatively long period).

Are not eligible the people who are not completing the aforementioned criteria as well as the members of the personnel of “The organiser”, and all the people having a direct or indirect link with the conception, realization or management of the competition, including their spouses, their family members: direct forebear and descendant or other parents living or not under their roof.

« The organiser » reserve the right to ask to all the participants to justify of the conditions aforementioned. If a person does not meet a criterion or refuse to justify them (s)he will be excluded from the competition and will not be able, in case of being a laureate, to beneficiate from his/her prize. Only one entry will be accepted per person (same name, same address). “The organiser” reserve the right to proceed to all the verifications to ensure the observance of this rule.

Article 3: Submission of entries

Participants must « Like » the Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop Facebook page: before any submission. If they do not possess a Facebook account, they have to mention it in the submission email.

All the entries should be submitted before 18th June 2015 at 23h59 (Cambodian hour). The photo submitted has to match the theme “Women and girls in Cambodia”. The entry can be in colour, black and white, digital format and is limited to one photo per person. The participants commit to present only recent and personal realisation.

Images that have won prizes in prior competitions, or have been used for commercial purposes and/or been published will not be eligible. The participant must own the rights on his/her realisation and necessary authorisations for reproduction and diffusion of the photo (adults or children individuals, private places or objects, etc.). In case of litigation, the participant’s liability will arise.

The entry must be send via email to the address: The entry should be in JPEG format and at least 300 DPI (dots per inch). The entry must have a size allowing a 30*40cm format printing (no square format). The photo must not be signed (name of the author will be printed aside). The file name for each photo should be clearly labelled with the participant’s name. The entry must be accompanied by the contact details of the author; name, first name, date of birth, postal and email address, phone number and if possible the location and the date of the shot. The photo can be accompanied by a title and a short text (few lines) of presentation. Every entry accomplished contrary to the present rules and regulations will invalidate the participation. All the participants suspected of fraud can be remote from the competition by “The organiser” without justification. Every identification or participation incomplete, erroneous or illegible, voluntary or not, or realised under a different form from the one presented in the present rules and regulations will be considered as null. The same sanction will be applied in case of multi-participation.

Article 4: Judging and results

Each prize will be attributed by a different jury:

  • 1st Prize, the Bayon School Team Prize: it will be attributed by the team of the Bayon School working in Siem Reap ;
  • 2nd Prize, the Pastry Girls’ Prize: it will be attributed by the students of the Bayon Pastry School, the office in Paris with the exceptional presence of Terence Carter, profesional photographer ( ) ;
  • 3rd Prize, the “Facebook” Prize: it will be attributed by Facebook users (number of “likes” on each photo in an album created for the occasion, and a hashtag (#) will be set up for communication and sharing: #bayonphotocontest) ;
  • 4th Prize, the Sponsors’ Prize: it will attributed by the sponsors (godfathers) of the Bayon School’s students ;
  • 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Prizes, the Second Places: in each category, a second place will be attributed and the pictures will also be exposed.

The Prizes will be attributed according to the following criteria:

  • The harmony between the photo and the theme ;
  • The originality ;
  • The quality and reality of the shot ;
  • The aesthetics of the photo ;
  • The legitimacy of the photo editing.

If necessary the prizes aforementioned will be replaced by prizes of an equivalent value. An entry cannot win more than one prize. If a photo win more than one prize, the prize with the higher commercial value will be retained. Another winning entry will be selected for the prize with the lower value. If a vote conclude to two entries equally placed, then the vote will be held again in order to obtain only one winner.

The 8 laureates will be exposed for a month in the garden of the Bayon School Coffee Shop in Siem Reap. They will be accompanied by the name of the author, and the presentation text if there is one.

Article 5: Prizes

The prizes are allocated as follows (prices are expressed in US Dollars):

  • 1st Prize, The Bayon Team Prize: The winner will win one night at the Heritage Suites Hotel (Siem Reap), for two persons, in one of the refurbished Bungalow Suites including a-la-carte breakfast and cocktails / Chef’s canapés on the evening of check in. Commercial value: 300$ ;
  • 2nd Prize, the Pastry student’s Prize : The winner will win a Pastry Class for 4 to 6 persons, with the girls from the school and the Pastry Chef, to learn the cake recipe of his/her choice. The winner will also win two VIP places (seat A) at Phare, The Cambodian Circus, to see the show of his/her choice. Commercial value: Pastry Class: 15$/person (2 hours class) / Phare Circus: 70$ ;
  • 3rd Prize, the Facebook Prize: The winner will win a voucher for a Lunch for two persons at the Amansara Resort (Siem Reap). Commercial Value: 70$ ;
  • 4th Prize, the Sponsors’ Prize: The winner will win a 40$ voucher at Christine’s (a shop proposing a selection of designers from different countries, accessories & clothing, interior decoration, exhibition of artist). Commercial value: 40$ ;
  • 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Prize, the Second places: the laureates of this category will win a 5$ voucher at the Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop. Commercial value: 5$/voucher.

Minimal global value: 565$. Maximal global value: 595$. The value of each prize is determined at the moment of the redaction of the Rules and Regulations and cannot be contested in any way. All the expenses made after the competition, notably the expenses for the maintenance or the use of the prizes are entirely under the laureate responsibility.

Article 6: Transfer of the copyright and results further to the competition

The participants allow “The organiser” to preserve, disseminate and use the winning entries and this on every communication medium edited or published, especially regarding the communication online and offline related to this event, without a time limit. Also, participants commit to not ask a compensation to “The organiser”. Indeed, the laureates will see their picture reproduced during the exhibition and/or on the communication medium liked to this event. The name of the photographer will always be displayed with the photo.

Article 7: Announcement of the laureates

The laureates will be informed by email at the address used to subscribe to the competition, before the 24th June 2015, 23h59 (Cambodian hour).

Article 8: Award Ceremony

Prizes will be distributed on Thursday 25th June 2015, at 7p.m (Cambodian hour) in the Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Taphul Road). If the laureate is not present, he/she will have to inform “the organiser”, in order for the prize to be conserved.

All the prizes have different expiry dates, fixed by “the organiser’s” partners. The laureate will be informed of the expiry date at or right after the award ceremony. The laureates commit to accept the prizes as proposed without a possibility of exchange for money, other goods or services of any nature, or transfer of the prize to a third party. Also, prizes cannot be subject to compensation.

«The organiser » reserves the right, in case of the incidence of an event independent from its will, notably related to its supplier or unpredictable circumstances, to replace the prizes aforementioned by prizes with an equivalent value. The laureate will be informed of the potential changes.

Article 9: Use of personal data of the participants

The data transferred by the participants will be saved and used by “The organiser” to memorize their participation to the competition and allow the distribution of the prizes. The participants can, for legitimate reason, be opposed to the processing of the personal data communicated as part of the competition. They also have a right of opposition to their commercial use – apart from the participation in the competition. They can assert this right as soon as they register, by sending an email to “The organiser”, whose email is aforementioned at the article 3.

The laureates allow “The organiser” to use as advertising or public relation their contact details (last name/first name) on any format, without thereby conferring on them any remuneration, right or benefit whatsoever, other than the award of their prize. According to the law Informatique et Liberté of the 6th of January 1978, every participant has the right to demand the rectification, completion, clarification, update or deletion, of the data and information relevant to him which will be inaccurate, incomplete, uncertain or expired by sending an email to “The organiser” of which the address is aforementioned in the Article 3.

Article 10: Rules and Regulation of the photo competition

“The organiser” reserves the right to extend, shorten, modify or cancel the competition at any moment, especially in case of force majeure, without thereby conferring to the participant a right to compensation.

Article 11: Intellectual and patent rights

The reproduction, presentation or utilisation of all or part of the elements composing the competition, the Rules and Regulations included are strictly forbidden. All the trademarks, logos, graphics, texts, distinctive signs and photographs in particular reproduced on the sites and on the ones it gives an access to by the through hyperlink texts, are the property of their owner and are protected as such by the provision of the Code de la propriété intellectuelle (Intellectual property code, French) throughout the world.

The unauthorized reproduction constitute a counterfeiting subject to criminal sanctions. Every reproduction, global or partial, unauthorized of those trademarks, logos, signs graphics, texts and photograph constitute a counterfeiting subject to criminal sanctions. Entry in the competition implies full acceptance of the clauses and terms of these Rules and Regulations (and unreservedly) by the participant.

Article 12: Responsibility

« The organiser » cannot be held liable in case of force majeure or fortuitous facts independent from its will. « The organiser » cannot be held liable for delay, loss, accident or illegibility of stamps attributable to the postal services or carriers. It cannot be held liable also and its liability will not be invoked if any unforeseen events occur presenting the legal characters of force majeure (strike, weather…) depriving the participants of the possibility (entirely or partially) to enter the competition and/or the winner to receive their prize.

“The organiser” and its partners and service providers cannot be held liable in any case for potential incidents which may occur in the utilisation of the prizes by the beneficiaries or their guests once the winners have taken possession thereof. Likewise “The organiser” and its partners and service providers cannot be held liable by the beneficiaries for the loss or theft of the prizes once the winners have taken possession thereof. All the additional costs necessary to take possession of the prizes is under the responsibility of the winners without thereby conferring on them a right to claim any compensation from “The organiser”, its partners or service providers.

This competition is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook which cannot be held liable. The data transferred are transferred to “The organiser” and not to Facebook.

Article 13: Dispute and complaint

The present Rules and Regulation are established under the French law. « The organiser » reserves the right of final decision not subject to appeal in the event of any difficulties that might arise as the interpretation or application of the present Rules and Regulations, considering that no contestation will be admitted on the terms and conditions of the competition, the results, the prizes or their receipt, one month after the end of the competition. Except in the case of a manifest error, it is agreed that the data and information resulting from “The organiser’s” competition systems have evidentiary force in any dispute concerning the connection or processing of the said data on the competition.

Any claims must be addressed during the month following the ending date of the competition to “The organiser”. After this date, no claims will be accepted. By entering the competition, the participants agree to be bound by the present Rules and Regulations.

Article 14: Convention of proof

Given the express agreement between the participants and “The organiser”, the computer system, archives and data of “The organizer” will constitute the only means of legally appealing in the event of litigation. The computerized records stored in “The organizer” computer system in conditions of reasonable safety will be considered as evidence of the relationships and communications that took place between “The organiser” and the participants.

It is agreed that, save for a manifest error, “The organiser” may rely on, in particular for the purposes of proving any acts, facts or omissions, the programmes, data, files, recording, intervention or other elements (as follow-up report or other state) in kind or in computer or electronic format or support, established, received or stored directly or indirectly by “The organiser”, especially in its computing systems. Thus the elements in question shall constitute evidence and, if they are produced as evidence by “The organiser” in any litigious or other proceedings, they will be admissible, valid and enforceable between the parties in the same way, in the same circumstances and in with the same probative force as any document drawn up, received or kept in writing.

All the intervention or operation realised with the login and code given to the participant, following the subscription, are supposed in an irrefragable way, to be realised under the responsibility of the participant.

, 8 April 2014