On Sunday 20th February Sokhoeurn was excited to land in Paris. Our former Programme Director, along with Charlotte, Anaïs, Rodrigo, Lucie, and Augustin were at the airport to welcome her. What an emotional moment!
After a warm welcome, Sokhoeurn was quickly taken over by the shock of the temperature – the coldest she had ever felt! She also really enjoyed seeing the snow for the first time and found it “wonderful”.


After a recovery nap at Laura, a friend of Charlotte’s who kindly hosted her for a few nights, our chef went sightseeing in Montmartre and visited the Sacré-Coeur with the Bayon team.
She spent the next 3 days at the French HQ of Aryzta, global leader in distribution of pastry products.
She collaborated with Fabrice Prochasson, Aryzta’s Director of Creation and Innovation and holder of the renowned “Meilleur Ouvrier de France » title to create savoury and sweet recipes for Bayon School’s charity night happening in Siem Reap next month. She then worked with the Aryzta team on the menus of Sirha, the global gastronomy tradeshow.


For her last night in Paris, Sokhoeurn was kindly hosted by Marc Bellanger, member of the French board. He taught her how to make a Kougelhof, a great way for her to have fun and relax before embarking on one of the most intense weeks of her life.
On the next day, Sokheourn and the Aryzta team took a train to Lyon for the Sirha tradeshow. On the menu: help with Aryzta’s booth in the morning and take part in cooking competitions in the afternoon.Beyond communicating about Bayon School to French gastronomy professionals, Sokhoeurn had the opportunity to meet famous chefs including Thierry Marx and Gabriel Paillasson.


After an incredible week, Sokhoeurn went back to Paris for one more day of sightseeing and an evening with the Bayon team. What a night it was! French board members and former volunteers (Charlotte, Baudouin, Tiphaine, Marion, Cécile, Faustine, Mélanie) gathered at our president Vincent Robert’s to have dinner with Sokhoeurn before she flew back to Cambodia.
This trip to France had been a unique experience for Sokhoeurn. She has achieved two of her dreams: take part in a cooking event in France and take a picture with the Eiffel Tower. She hopes she will go back again one day, in the summer.

, 18 February 2019