First parents meeting at the primary school

On our new school director Sreyroth’s initiative, we organized a parents meeting on the 10th of February for the grades 1 to 3 and on the 11th for the grades 4 to 6.


Well prepared together by the primary school director and the NGO staff, the meeting was mainly about introducing the new school policy, which has been reviewed in order to respect our ambitions in terms of quality of education. Concerning hygiene rules, absences or holidays, the rules were explained so that the parents relay them every day at home.


The school policy was distributed in Khmer to every parent, which enabled us to notice that some of them were illiterate and sitting in a school for the first time. Thus, the policy was read aloud so that each of them could understand it and react at the end of the meeting. Then, each parent signed it, some of them being helped by their children.

Parents meeting

The meeting was also the opportunity to introduce the new accident insurance that covers every pupil during the school hours.


Eventually, our vice-president Kong made a long animated speech about the importance of education and some teachers reminded the parents about the importance learning English, a subject that is not to be neglected!

Parents meeting Kong

The meeting ended after a Q&A session between parents and teachers. We are very happy about it because over 150 parents attended (some of them even didn’t go to work). They were globally glad to meet the education team and showed an interest in future meetings.

Parents meeting Bayon

, 17 February 2016