Rencontrez les étudiantes de l’École de Pâtisserie

On the occasion of the Bayon School photo competition and exhibition, we interviewed three of our students to ask them a few questions. So let’s talk a little bit with Malin, Channan and Srey Leak!

Question: Hello girls! How are you?
Malin/Channan/Srey Leak: Fine…[Editor’s note: In factthey are all really stressed because of the interview].

What did the Bayon Pastry School changed in your life?
Malin: Now I know how to adapt my attitude when I am with people, I know what is good and bad. And it is great to live with a group of girls all the time!
Srey Leak: Before I did not know how to speak English and now I can understand the people when they talk and have discussion with other people. And the same for the pastries! I knew it existed, but I never tasted one before!
Channan: I used to live in specialized Centers and Orphanages [Ed: Channan has eyesight problems and was followed by another NGO before coming to the Bayon Pastry School] and now I can live with other normal people and I learn to adapt. And I know the names of a lot of cakes in French and English! [Ed: Channan loves to learn different languages, and she is now learning French on her free time].

And what do you want to do when your training will be finished?
C: After I would like to find a job in a nice hotel. And I will be happy to send money to help my family!
M: I want to be a Pastry Chef!
S: Me too! When I will have more skills, I would like to be Pastry Chef!

Did meeting your pastry teacher, who travelled abroad and work in very beautiful places gave you the motivation to work hard and study more?
M.C.S: Yes! Sokhoeurn is a very good teacher, and she really try to make us study more and more! She motivates us a lot!

And if you had the possibility to go to work abroad, would you like it?

And about the photo competition, you will be one of the Jury, are you happy to give a price to your favorite picture?
M.C.S: Yes! Will there be a big party? Hahaha! [Ed: lot of laughs].

Thank you girls for this interview! Good luck to all the participants of the Bayon School photo competition and exhibition, and good luck to the girls for their final exam in July!

, 17 juin 2015