Awkun ch’ran Marie!

Okoun ch’ran Sala Bayon! (Thank you very much Bayon School !)

A huge thanks to Bayon School for its warm welcome during the last three month!

The aim of my mission was to develop Bayon School health project. I had the opportunity to prepare the new clinic and provide a first aid training to the teachers. I also manage the distribution of the Hygiene kits, provided to the students every 3 months to teach them to regularly brush their teeth and wash their hands. Some needing students were brought for a consultation to the dentist and to a cardiologist. I also redacted a comparative analysis of the students’ weight trend before and after the opening of Elodie’s Canteen and organized a clothing drive.

Apart from the health project, I started working on an eco-responsibility project aiming to create a vegetable garden thanks to the production of compost with the canteen waste. This project is possible thanks to the support of a company specialized in compost production based in Fontainebleau.
At the Pastry School, the 15 students were also trained in first aid techniques and also followed a sexual education training.

It was a particularly rich experience. I learnt to teach notwithstanding the language barrier; to follow the Khmer rhythm of life; to work in an office with 8 people while staying focused on the task at hand. I also discovered my job in a new light; I had to adapt to the limited lifespan of a wound dressing when put on a kid. I shared moments of complicity with the students and learnt that I can’t resist testing every cakes made by the pastry school students.

And finally a big thank you to the Bayon School team and the volunteer/roommates who made my stay in Siem Reap so wonderful. There are people of quality and strongly invested in their work to improve the education of Khmer youth.
I won’t forget either the privileged times spent with the girls of the Pastry School. They are will driven to succeed in life and have acquired great skills for baking cakes. If you have the chance to stop by Siem Reap, don’t hesitate to go to the Coffee Shop Pastry School to try out their cakes. They are completely worth it !

, 25 June 2015