A new follow-up students program since the beginning of September 2017.

In order to better prepare their future and inspire our high school students, every month we will present them to people who are willing to talk about their successful professional experience. At the October meeting, they met Soki, our social worker who grew up in a very precarious environment, and Sokheurn, our chef and teacher at the pastry school.

In November, it was Viseth and Bunthon Chea’s turn to speak. Viseth is both the current head of the Bayon primary school and a guide in the Angkor temples during the weekends, whereas Bunthon Chea is the co-founder of Technokhmer (sales, service and IT solutions company). They particularly stressed the importance of academic success in their career.


To complete this vocational coaching, we have also set up personal development classes and course choice classes for high school students every Wednesday afternoon.
A big thank you to Patrick Labelle, a retired Frenchman who has been teaching logic and note-taking to high school students for the past decade. Patrick comes to Cambodia and invites them to reflect on their emotions and express them freely. As you can guess, it is unusual in their school course. Indeed, the learn-it-by-heart method largely remains the main teaching method that children encounter in Cambodia!
, 21 December 2017