“My name is Sophany Perrotey. I’m form Phnom Penh and I moved to Siem Reap province 3 years ago after getting married in France. From September 2018 I work as a librarian and also as a teacher for extra classes in Bayon Primary School.
“Am I able to be a librarian and to teach for extra classes?”, “Am I able to handle them?” “What are the things I am suppose to do in this new library and to create a lovely place for the kids?” “What are the materials I have to create and buy” … the issues to resolve were many!
Even if I had no experiences in this career yet, Bayon school proposed me 3 days of training for the library skills with the helped of Sipar’s trainers from 21st -23rd – September – 2018. I was not really sure what the good library should be but I wanted to do my best and I was very motivated!
art soph1
So, I searched information on different primary school libraries websites and also pictures on Pinterest regarding libraries and materials for teaching as well. Then I just used my own imagination and my crafting abilities. I used all my experiences, silks and talents to make this happen, now it goes well.
I was so excited when I saw how kids reacted when they enter the library for the first time. From the very beginning of the school year, they really wanted to learn, discuss, read, play and do some art in this new class. It’s such a great joy to see their smile. They look so happy and love to come to this library. Almost every breaks and free times they just come to grasp books to read, play some games, and do some class assignments here. According to me, the library is like their second home where they feel free, comfortable, fresh, relax and safe.
It’s a bit crowded most of the time, even during my teaching for the extra class. I am really watchful when they are in the library, to make sure they’re not getting hurt or to avoid future accidents. Especially when they rush to grasp their backpack and shoes when they get out from the library. I also want to make sure each one of them have the necessary equipment for each activity.
Besides being a librarian, I’m also in charge of the extra classes. My goal for this class is to help them to:

• read and write independently
• improve their attitude towards Khmer language
• became more self-confident and motivated in class
• improve their attitude to other subjects in the curriculum

This great success was possible to only thaks to me but also thanks to the big help from the Bayon team; we are trying our best to use all our skills, knowledge to find new ideas and method to meet the need of each one of them. The school really try to do the best to help and support them to become good citizens who are able to change their own family, society, country and who want to improve the life of everybody.
Overall, it is such a great opportunity for me to work here in Bayon primary school. I really love what I am doing right now and enjoy so much to spend time and share my knowledge with these young students. When I see them happy and learning, it just makes my days wonderful.”
, 27 December 2018