The pastry students’ extra-curricular activities!

Pastry students split their days between the stoves and the classrooms, although – fortunately for them – they also have some nice breaks.
Whether it is to learn or to participate to events, they are always very eager to get involved. For example, they participated to the 3km race at the Angkor Wat Half-Marathon on December, 3rd.
Another place, another atmosphere: the Phare Circus show (the main circus, theater and performing arts organisation in Cambodia) made them laugh out loud.


Finally, Tep, our former social worker in charge of the pastry school, wished to share a last moment with the girls before his departure. He organized a whole day of bike rides in the amazing Angkor temples. The opportunity for girls to discover or rediscover this incredible site, and to exchange with the volunteers who joined the group.
, 21 December 2017