Bayon School’s health project is materializing!

A nurse, Marie, is at Bayon School for few months to participate to the health project development.
Clinic is finally established! Medicines and basic materials are available for the teachers. A first aid training will be made to the teachers, and also about the indications of basic medicines to administer.
Since a year and a half, every three months, hygiene kits are distributed to all the children at Bayon School. The kit includes a soap, washing powder, toothbrush, toothpaste and sanitary napkins for the girls. We will complete the kid distribution by a training about hands washing and tooth brushing. Hands washing is very important and can considerably avoid diseases. We notice that toothbrushes donation reduced a lot the bad case dentition. This observation has been realized thanks to a follow-up of a French doctor who comes each year at Bayon School to consult the children voluntarily.
Despite the tooth brush donation and their benefits effects, about thirty children still need dental treatment. Thanks to Marie’s work, a Khmer dentist is agree to consult three children per week in order to do a training about dental hygiene and do free dental care.
Pastry School is going to have also a first aid training and a lesson about sexual education.

, 4 May 2015