The Coffee Shop:
more popular than ever!

The Coffee Shop opened with the objective of maximizing the self-funding of Bayon Pastry School. The competition being fierce in Siem Reap, our team thought of new tools we could use to improve the visibility of the Coffee Shop and increase the traffic. Between the new flags and arrows hung in the streets, the new signs at the back of more than 10 tuk-tuks driving around Siem Reap and the brand new wall painted in blue at the entry of our alley, it’s now impossible to miss us! Moreover, the fact that we are now listed in the French Routard guidebook and the excellent reviews left by satisfied customers on TripAdvisor have had very positive effects.

As the traffic started to grow, we had to make sure we would professionalize our team and continue to satisfy customers. We organized a training week named “Perfect Coffee Shop”. The objective was to:
– focus on selling better and more,
– ensure the customer experience is flawless (by once again training the staff on hygiene and service),
– revise the list of products sold as well as their price.

The actions done on traffic and visibility paid out; the following months were the best ever recorded.
– $3 500 in December 2017 (vs $2 115 in 2016)
– $3 160 in January 2018 (vs $2 000 in 2017)
– $3 800 in February 2018 (vs $2 310 en 2017)
With more than 60 % increase, February is then the Coffee Shop’s best month in terms of sales.


Maximizing sales also depends on our external partners in Siem Reap (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies…) which are also progressing yet to a lower extent. Bayon Pastry School also participated in some events held in Siem Reap (festivals, Angkor marathon village…). The biggest event of this first quarter remains the organization of a Khmer dessert buffet for 80 people, which was ordered by the travel agency Asian Trails. This event enabled us to raise $1,000.
Finally, we hope that the recent launch of the Bayon food-truck will help us raise our profile. We are still looking for the perfect seller and the perfect spot to do so. A big thank you to Sokhoeurn (Pastry Chef), Chloé (sales manager), Lucie (volunteer in charge of the coffee shop development) and the staff: Sy Chey, Sreyneang, Sreyleak, Sothyea and to the students who are always willing to help.
, 14 March 2018