The actions of the
Bayon ambassadors

The Bayon School is now supported by more than 400 godparents and by many sponsors with various degrees of commitment. We would like to express our gratitude to those who run actions for Bayon School. From Paris to Singapore, we want to give you some examples of our “ambassadors’ ” good deeds. Who knows? It could maybe give you some ideas!
– Linking us with funds, foundations or companies that result in large donations. Companies’ foundations are sometimes unknown to their employees; do not hesitate to enquire. For example, by doing so Dominique d’Elloy obtained 10,000 euros from Thales Foundation in order to support the digital class project.
– Organising events such as sport tournaments or concerts. There are many examples, the most recent being the golf tournament organized by Thierry Van Santen, which raised 5,000 euros.
– Participating in trade fairs, markets and other rallying events to promote the association or sell Bayon’s pastry books, Kampot pepper packs or simply cakes. Jacqueline Chouette, our Honorary President, has many a good idea on this subject. As an example, for many years she has been participating to the Volvic Christmas market where she sold pepper packs and Cambodian handicrafts.
– Sponsoring special projects, such as the association Le Rêve d’Elo’s which funded the canteen, or the Mandray family who helped implementing breakfast at the primary school.

– Connecting us with special skills, such as Babeth’s, our ambassador in Singapore who invited us to meet one of her friends, a jam master who allowed us to launch the sale of jams at the coffee shop.
– Organising a Bayon collect during a wedding or a birthday, like Nicolas Moulin did when he offered his birthday party guests to make a donation to the Bayon rather than to him.
– Creating “by-products” in support of Bayon, such as the Kampot pepper kindly offered by Norbert Binot, or the pastry book funded by the Natan Foundation.
– Setting up partnerships such as the one set up by Vanessa Bernard Granger with Albert Ménès delicatessen, which organizes special Bayon operations.
– Or simply organising fundraisings and punctual donations. our sponsors who do not hesitate to boost their sponsorships or to fund a big project, like the Lally family did to renovate the primary school.
We often said that the Bayon School is a large family in which each member has an important place, and this quick overview confirms it once more. To continue on this topic, we are currently looking for a Bayon School ambassador in Hong Kong.
If you wish, you can also set up actions to support the Bayon School in a different way. Do not hesitate to ask for help in your projects. For example, we can set up a ticket office, organize collects via Facebook or Hello Asso, and share your posts on social networks…
Finally, a warm “thank you” to each of our godparents and sponsors for their support!
, 29 June 2018