Élodie’s Canteen

The idea of building our own canteen came from the statement that all our children go back home for lunch even when they live 10 or 15 kilometers from school. With the former schedule they needed to bike four times a day, which is too much for young kids. Moreover, coming from poor families, the students don’t have a varied and balanced diet. They mainly eat rice and sometimes vegetables, but almost never meat or fish.

The lack of vitamins and therefore of energy coupled with the long bike ride increase the students weariness which has a direct impact on their concentration and their school achievement. We also notice major problems of absenteeism.


Since November 2014, we provide lunch every school day for all our students thanks to the construction of a canteen at the Bayon School. The meal is composed of meat or fish with vegetables and rice or noodles. We make sure that all the meals provided bring the necessary nutriments and vitamins for the good development of the children.

The canteen also gave us the opportunity to raise awareness on hygiene for the students. Thanks to the installation of sinks in front of the canteen, the students can wash their hands before and after lunch, and brush their teeth. With the help of the teachers, we hope to make these actions a habit for the children.

, 12 February 2015