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Meeting our sponsee : The story of Lim and Thibaud

Siem Reap, today will be hot, I jump on my bicycle and ride the 10 km that will get me to the Bayon School. As I am approaching the famous temple, I hear children laughing and screaming on my left, that’s the place I am looking for!

At the entrance, I see Elodie and Lim waiting for me. Lim, born in an underprivileged family, as ambition, he wants to become a great cooking chef. Lim has also been our sponsee for several years and indeed I am moved to meet him. We visit the school and I discover the different actions undertaken by the NGO, appreciating the dedication, kindness and humility of the volunteers working here.

Lim Thibaud Siem Reap Cambodge École du Bayon

To my great surprise, Lim is one year older than me, which leads us to quickly make friends. Together, we make plans so I meet his family on the next day in his village, a few kilometers away from the temples. Time and place is scheduled, and impatient, I will even arrive in advance. Under a blazing sun, we go together on the path he takes every day. Ultimately, at the end of a sandy track, we arrive to his home, a wood shack open to the four winds, surrounded with rice fields and banana trees. A simple and genuine life, without any surplus of belongings. While I am quenching my thirst with the water of a coconut picked directly from the tree, I discover his way of life and weigh up the importance of sponsoring these children. Indeed, Lim is the only child of his 5 siblings to go to school, and bears the hopes of a better future.

In order to prolong the pleasure of being together, Lim always bearing his wonderful smile offers to guide me through the mysteries of Angkor Wat. We spend an amazing afternoon following the footsteps of his ancestors until the sunset, and finally we leave after a last embrace, with emotion and mutual thanks.

These two days have been a meaningful highlight in my journey. From now on, Lim is like a brother to me and I sincerely wish to continue to help him and give him my support so his dreams can come true.

Lim Thibaud Angkor Wat