Register on the Angkor Academy Platform!

As you know, the Angkor Academy project aims at sharing the Khmer culture with students all around the world by an online interactive platform. There, pupils can find units about Khmer culture (as food, clothes, Angkor temples, means of transport, animals…) and even an interactive visit of the school.
But the platform is not only for students! YOU can also register in a special session to access all the units! It can be a way to discover Khmer culture, visit the school (if you did not come to Cambodia yet) and maybe see the child you are sponsoring in photo or video!
In order to do this, please follow this link!.


Please fill the form with a name, a valid email address and a password. An email will be send once the subscription will be completed (you will have to wait 24 hours for the server to update).
Then you will be able to connect to the platform by accessing this link.
Click on “My Activity” (top-right), on the name of the formation, and access all the units!
If you experience troubles, please contact Alexienne Fuhrmann at
Now, you can also enjoy the discovery of the Bayon School students’ culture!

, 5 May 2015