Introduction to arts for pastry students

Because pastry requires a lot of creativity, we welcomed Gilles, a French artist, who made two sculptures with our students during a week.



Also sponsor of a Bayon school pupil, Gilles is freshly retired person who has worked a long time in NGO’s, including in Cambodia. When he began with sculpture, one year and a half ago, he discovered a real passion.
“I create atypical sculptures, with recovered material, I like giving a second lease of life to objects. My headline is “I wound metal so that it lives”!”


While he was in mission in Sisophon, in Cambodia, he was introduced to Ange, former manager of Bayon school, and got to know the association. “Then, I offered to work with the students on a project which would match both the association’s values and the Cambodian culture”.
The tree, symbol of the project
Assisted by Samuel, volunteer of the NGO, he started working with the students and asked them to draw a tree like the ones in Ta Prohm temple: “they seized the concept and also worked on the leaves”. Then, Gilles and Samuel gathered metal for the tree. Called “le Fromaged” by the sculptor, the tree is now a master piece of the Bayon Pastry School garden.


A second sculpture was made, on which the budding pastry chefs signed with paint.


Gilles will keep very good memories from this experience: “It was a challenge in 8-10 days! I really enjoyed helping young people who didn’t really have an artistic flair.” He says he would like to come again, and why not setting up a project with the primary school students.


Thank you Gilles, Samuel and Mélanie who worked on the project!

, 24 November 2015