How to become environment-friendly?

This is what are learning the students from grades 2 to 5 as part of the Angkor Academy Project. They will follow training and activities linked to environmental protection (especially regarding the reduction of plastic consumption and water wastages). The first activity was an educational outing for 17 students of grades 4 and 5 to the Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity. And the first training was given by Sarah Rhodes, a consultant engaged in environmental protection events. The students really enjoyed the presentation and remember well the “do” and “don’t” to protect the environment:




After this introduction, the students learned how to make skipping ropes with plastics bags. As the use of plastic bags is very common in Cambodia, it is a playful way to reuse the wastes!




Water wastages is a real challenge for Cambodia and on a small-scale, for our school! Indeed, the rainy season was really dry, and water cut-off, are likely to happen in April. It is essential for our students to learn how to protect their environment and their planet!   To go further, the students were asked to invent objects entirely made of plastic bottles and bags.


Their ideas are really surprising! Creating toys (cars and airplanes with plastic bottles), flowers (decoration or to put in their hair), gift boxes, jewels… Some of those ideas will be realised during the next manual activity.   Finally, those ideas will be shared with our partner schools! We will ask them if they recycle plastic, and how they are doing it: maybe some of their technics can be applied in Bayon School! A green school in Cambodia? Challenge accepted!



, 8 February 2015