New menu at the coffee shop!

Food lovers, take note! After two years of opening, we have changed the menu of the coffee shop to offer you more delicious cakes, pastries and other sweetness!
For 2 months, our shock teams have been working to create new recipes: now you can order our muesli with fresh fruits and homemade yoghurt, smoothie bowls as well as a new delicious fruit tarts not to mention croissants, chocolatines and brioches. There is something for all tastes and appetites with very greedy options and other healthier but equally appetizing…
The major innovation is the diversification of the menu with the addition of gluten-free and vegetable-free offers. There are now 3 free gluten cakes at the coffee shop, our best seller being the “Mandise” (cake with a chocolate spread)!18922745_1914296088827508_6736871933376136677_o
We have also begun selling our homemade products, such as jam jars (mango / passion, banana / ginger, watermelon / anise), peanut butter, and chocolate spread to take home or to offer! On this occasion we thank Nomad Tastes: Babeth and Rochelle, coming from Singapore to teach our pastry chef Sokhoeurn the secrets of an exquisite jams. Thank you!DSC09548
Do not hesitate to follow the Instagram account and the Facebook page of the coffee shop, where you will discover photos and videos of our new pastries and offers for breakfast! In addition to being delicious it is also beautiful …. This is the SEE FOOD DIET!
See you soon !

, 26 June 2017