New people in the Cambodia’s team!

With the new school year comes new people in the cambodian team and we are very happy to welcome all of them!
After a year as a teacher for 3rd pastry intake, Margaux ended her mission. Welcome to Marie who takes over as a teacher for the 4th pastry intake for 1 year.
We welcome with pleasure Baudouin, Charlotte who come to Cambodia with their 2 children for a year.
Baudouin takes over the position of program manager and replaces Claire who get back to France after two years with the NGO.
His wife Charlotte now holds the position of Head of Communication and Funding Research for the NGO. She will be assisted this year by Manon who arrives in civic service mid-October for a year.

Finally Welcome to Augustin and Lucie who come in support for this team for 6 months and will be volunteers on missions such as project manager for the pastry food truck.
Welcome all, we wish you a very beautiful year!

, 14 September 2017