French and Belgian pupils mobilized for Bayon School

The recent schools’ rallying enabled us to raise money and material for the pupils we support.


Jacqueline Chouette, our honorary president, organizes every year a gook operation with Sainte-Marie secondary and high school and the primary school Notre-Dame des Arts of Riom: a menu including a rice bowl + a fruit, as an alternative of their canteen meal, bringing 5 euros per meal to our NGO. Jacqueline is there during the lunch break to introduce Bayon School, and generally the education and the food of Cambodia. Beyond the fundraising, the goal is also to raise the students’ awareness on solidarity to underprivileged people. Over 2 000 euros were raised thanks to these operations!


It should be noted that, since this year, the Ste-Marie secondary and high school of Riom takes charge of the school year of a child, it is the first school which is involved this way by our side: a great example for their pupils. At Notre-Dame des Arts school, the mobilisation towards dental hygiene enabled us raising 276 tubes of toothpaste and 476 toothbrushes!


New bikes for grade 7

In Belgium, a fundraising was set up by Notre-Dame school in Antwerp. About 2 000 euros were raised, enabling us to buy 50 bicycles for students in grade 7, who use to have to travel many kilometers to go to public school every day.


A big thank you to both schools and to Jacqueline for their precious help!

, 27 October 2015