University scholarships for Bayon School’s students

In order to encourage and facilitate access to higher education to public high schools’ students we support, we are willing to set a university scholarship for the most deserving students who finished grade 12.


In Cambodia, the university registration fees are $ 400 per year. To get a degree, 4 years of studies are necessary, representing a cost of $ 1,600. With an average income of $ 100 a month, that dream isn’t achievable for most of the youth, in particular for the students supported by Bayon School, even if they are brilliant and keen.


How does it work?
Starting from the end of 2015-2016 school year, each student supported by Bayon School and finishing grade 12 will have the possibility to apply for a scholarship by following these steps:
– Fill an application form
– Write a cover letter in English, explaining why they want to pursue their studies and showing well-established career objectives.
The applications will be reviewed by the social and education manager and the program director who will make a shortlist considering the social level. The shortlisted students will access the next step: the interviews. An interview will be carried out with the student himself and another one with his/her family in order to know if they are ready to encourage their son/daughter. Other criteria will be taken into consideration in the selection process: the student must be among the 20 best students and must not have had over 15 unjustified absence days per year in grades 10, 11 and 12.


According to the social level, the scholarship can be total ($ 400/year) or partial. The student will, or not, also have to repay to the NGO, a part of the scholarship after he/she finished his/her studies. However, the repaid amount will never exceed $ 400, that is to say the cost of one year in university. The money going back to the NGO will flow into the capital dedicated to university scholarships. The number of granted scholarships will increase over the years but is limited to a maximum of 10 per year. Indeed, the objective of this project is to help the most brilliant students to access a higher education.


This year, as a first test, we decided to help two very good students supported by Bayon School until grade 12 (2014-2015): Chey and Srotom. Both wish for pursuing their education and having a great career. They started the school year working in a restaurant to save up for university fees, but with a small income, it was difficult to reach the necessary amount.


At the end of January 2016, they will start studying at University of South East Asia: Hospitality & Tourism for Chey and Economics for Srotom. Like most of the Khmer students, they will work during the day and have class on the evening. We are glad to help these ambitious and very motivated students and wish them a great success.
Chey et Srotom

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, 14 January 2016