Class council

The first semester’s final exams took place in the last week of January at the primary school. Here is a quick report of our student’s results
Over our 261 students, 96% of students completed their semester and 50 were reported as having difficulties on one of these 3 criteria:
• Failure in the first semester (= average below 5/10)
• Over 3 unjustified absences
• Behavior problems or consequent learning difficulties
The class council thus allowed to consider each of these students and find solutions to help them improve their results and behaviors.
The following is a summary of the decisions made:
1. For each pupil in failure, meetings will be held with the parents to make them aware of their child’s schooling and to decide on a way to help the pupil to progress:
– Find help from a family member
– Give school materials to practice at home
2. Parents will now receive a summary of their child’s academic performance by letter
3. We will introduce math tutoring courses for grades 5 and 6
Here are some examples of the follow-up measures we are putting in place to give each student a better chance of successfully pursuing their education.
Congratulations to all our students who obtained good results this semester.

, 23 March 2017