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New school year, new pastry intake!

This year, 17 young girls joined our Bayon Pastry School program.
The classes started on September 4th but some of the girls arrived earlier to follow the refresher classes.
Our 16 students began got acquainted with the school and started their first English and math lessons with Marie their teacher, assisted by Vottey. But what the students enjoyed the most was their 1st pastry class where they realized financiers! After 3 hours spent in the pastry lab, the suspicious students could finally taste this cakes with unknown flavors. The results were unanimous: it is delicious!
Mid-October a 1st group will already be on a training course in a hotel. This gives them the time to work in order to be ready to enter professional life!
We wish them a successful year!
4th pastry intake

, 14 September 2017

New menu at the coffee shop!

Food lovers, take note! After two years of opening, we have changed the menu of the coffee shop to offer you more delicious cakes, pastries and other sweetness!
For 2 months, our shock teams have been working to create new recipes: now you can order our muesli with fresh fruits and homemade yoghurt, smoothie bowls as well as a new delicious fruit tarts not to mention croissants, chocolatines and brioches. There is something for all tastes and appetites with very greedy options and other healthier but equally appetizing…
The major innovation is the diversification of the menu with the addition of gluten-free and vegetable-free offers. There are now 3 free gluten cakes at the coffee shop, our best seller being the “Mandise” (cake with a chocolate spread)!18922745_1914296088827508_6736871933376136677_o
We have also begun selling our homemade products, such as jam jars (mango / passion, banana / ginger, watermelon / anise), peanut butter, and chocolate spread to take home or to offer! On this occasion we thank Nomad Tastes: Babeth and Rochelle, coming from Singapore to teach our pastry chef Sokhoeurn the secrets of an exquisite jams. Thank you!DSC09548
Do not hesitate to follow the Instagram account and the Facebook page of the coffee shop, where you will discover photos and videos of our new pastries and offers for breakfast! In addition to being delicious it is also beautiful …. This is the SEE FOOD DIET!
See you soon !

, 26 June 2017

An intensive year!

The school year is coming to an end for our young pastry students. Friday, Group 2 will have its last class while Group 1 will finish training. The month of July will be devoted to revisions, interviews practice and job search.

This year will have been rich in discovery for our young girls: discovery of Siem Reap, school, pastry, english class, accounting, hotel training … At the same time, the teaching team wanted to develop the open-mindedness of the students as well as their culture through many playful activities.
Special emphasis was placed this year on the serious environmental problems in Cambodia. Through presentations and activities, we wanted to sensitize young girls to the importance of sorting and recycling:
– Participation in the Clean & Green up Temple Town 2016 initiative: a large collection of waste in the city of Siem Reap.
– Achievement of a workshop at our partner Nagaearth to learn how to recycle paper, plastic bottles and plastic bags.
– Visit of the NGO Rehash Trash, which recycles plastic to make objects: baskets, placemats, pencil jars etc. The girls were able to try the plastic hook and leave with a recycled object!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


In addition, we wanted to allow girls to deepen their knowledge of Khmer culture.
That is why we took them the 8th of March (women’s day) to visit the cultural village of Siem Reap. They attended performances about every provinces of Cambodia.
The girls also had the chance to see a show of the famous circus Phare. This Cambodian NGO trains arts to young people. They do several well-known circus shows in Cambodia including one, Sokha, which stages the period of the Khmer Rouge.
Then, last week, the girls visited Artisans d’Angkor workshops, a social enterprise that aims to highlight Khmer culture through local crafts.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Finally, to complete the personal fulfillment of the young girls, we introduced them to Yoga. A widespread activity in Cambodia, yoga is both a physical sport but also a state of mind in which the healthy mind and the healthy body go hand in hand.Yoga class
Now time for reviewings, good luck to them!

Re-opening of the coffee shop

Bayon Pastry School Coffee shop opened in 2014 to help funding the pastry training.

Two years have passed and the coffee shop grew to become a nice and famous place in Siem Reap. But the coffee shop is small and can only welcome 12 people while there are more and more groups who come to taste our pastries! Moreover, with the hot and humid climate, it is time to refresh the painting the coffee shop.

We have to do something! During the water festival holidays, we close the coffee shop to do some restoration work: paintings, extension of the roof and tile laying to protect the walls. Then, Chloé and Tiphaine turns into decorator: change the furniture, build a terrace and buy some crockery… Mirasol, a Filipina artist, starts to paint on the wall a fresco about our primary school and our pastry school: the result is amazing! Thanks and congratulations Mirasol!

In the same time, Chloé bond a new partnership with a franco-belgium couple who will come every Sunday to set their tuktuk bagel in the coffee shop garden in order to offer new brunch and lunch menus: it is the return of our Chill Out Sunday – offer a nice Sunday time with games, music and good food in a peaceful place!

In the evening of Saturday 10th of December, all the staff is busy setting up everything so that the coffee shop be ready for the big reopening event on the Sunday « Open Brunch »

The event is a real success: the weather is bright and more than 100 people come to discover the transformed coffee shop, the delicious bagels and amazing cakes!

Thanks to all the staff who worked hard to make this happened and to the Foundation Amber who supports us for this project!












, 20 December 2016

Bayon Pastry School 3rd intake !

At the beginning of September, we welcomed 12 underprivileged young women for a new year at Bayon Pastry School.
The recruitment
Last March, we started the recruitment process. After spreading leaflets in villages and NGOs, we received over 50 applications. The applicants had to fill a form on their family situation, their living conditions and their education. We made a shortlist and called in about 30 young women to our pastry school for written tests (Khmer general knowledge, English, calculation) and a motivation interview. Then, our team has visited the families in order to check their social conditions and make sure the parents support their daughter to follow the training. Indeed, most of our students leave their family for the first time and it can be hard to accept from the parents.
Family visits
The start of the school year
In order to curb the gap between the students before they start the training, we organized a remedial week. Five students attended special lessons with Margaux, our education coordinator and complementary classes teacher. Following that week, our new students joined Sreynich, who narrowly graduated in last July.
The first period of the training took place from September to late October and the students attended their very first lessons in pastry theory and practice, English and mathematics. The pastry apprentices discover a whole new environment and their teachers must start with the basics: equipment and ingredients vocabulary in pastry class, English class…
Margaux, our teacher, relates us :

First period went so fast and the students have already made a lot of progress! It is not always easy to communicate because of their pretty low English level and my quasi inexistant Khmer one – but my young khmer assistant Moeung is here to assist me during classes. I try to give lessons with fun and dynamism – some of the students left school several years ago and it is not easy to get back on the tracks. But step by step we create a nice and productive working atmosphere. It is very rewarding to see them progressing. They are very studious and eager to learn. They also are very curious and always ready to laugh. It is a real pleasure to spend time with them.

Two months after the beginning of the training, we have already noticed huge progress! Our team was glad to be the judge of the first pastry exam and we can say the students delighted us!
The first internship
On the 24th October, 6 students have started their first internship within big hotels of Siem Reap: Le Meridien, Sokha Hotel, Somadeyi, Victoria Hotel, Tara Hotel and Sofitel. This first immersion, which lasts 6 weeks, aims to set the students in a professional environment, teach them about hygiene rules, teamwork!
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