Chloé has been in Cambodia for 3 years, leading the sales development of the pastry school and coffee shop since the opening.
Eager for a new venture, she completed her mission with Bayon School in October. This is the opportunity for us to look back at her fantastic and eventful Bayon experience.
Over the last 3 years, Chloé has built strong ties with all French and Khmer members of the team, especially with our head pastry chef Sokhoeurn. They have overcome their cultural differences to work together on many projects for the pastry school and the coffee Shop. We all admire their beautiful friendship.


Chloé has bonded with many of our volunteers and they all appreciate her friendliness and support. She has always made herself available to welcome new team members and help them integrate, both professionally and personally. She is such a great source of insider’s tips that we actually call her “ChloChlo les bons tuyaux” (“ChloChlo the good tips”).
Full of energy, she has developed an incredible network of friends and business partners in Siem Reap, which facilitated her mission of developing the pastry school sales with restaurants and hotels.
She has also organised many fundraising events: charity nights, open air cinema, buffet events with travel agencies, themed events with partners… and many more!
Her friend and former colleague Julie said: “I loved working with Chloé to organise Bayon’s first ever charity night at the beautiful Héritage hotel. We were such a good team – the project was not only exciting but it also allowed us to raise over $3,000 for NGO!”


Beyond the business activity, Chloé has always been much involved in Bayon School’s social and educational purpose. For instance, she often visits former students of the pastry school in their new workplace, to catch up during her lunch breaks.
An exceptional person deserves an exceptional celebration – that’s why we hosted for Chloé not one but two farewell parties. The first one was a Khmer BBQ with all staff members, and the second one was a lunch at Kong’s, our administrator.
In a nutshell, Chloé has had an incredible impact on Bayon School and leaves behind her a flourishing social enterprise and happy Cambodians! Thank you, Chloé!
, 6 December 2018