New school year, new pastry intake!

This year, 17 young girls joined our Bayon Pastry School program.
The classes started on September 4th but some of the girls arrived earlier to follow the refresher classes.
Our 16 students began got acquainted with the school and started their first English and math lessons with Marie their teacher, assisted by Vottey. But what the students enjoyed the most was their 1st pastry class where they realized financiers! After 3 hours spent in the pastry lab, the suspicious students could finally taste this cakes with unknown flavors. The results were unanimous: it is delicious!
Mid-October a 1st group will already be on a training course in a hotel. This gives them the time to work in order to be ready to enter professional life!
We wish them a successful year!
4th pastry intake

, 14 September 2017

New people in the Cambodia’s team!

With the new school year comes new people in the cambodian team and we are very happy to welcome all of them!
After a year as a teacher for 3rd pastry intake, Margaux ended her mission. Welcome to Marie who takes over as a teacher for the 4th pastry intake for 1 year.
We welcome with pleasure Baudouin, Charlotte who come to Cambodia with their 2 children for a year.
Baudouin takes over the position of program manager and replaces Claire who get back to France after two years with the NGO.
His wife Charlotte now holds the position of Head of Communication and Funding Research for the NGO. She will be assisted this year by Manon who arrives in civic service mid-October for a year.

Finally Welcome to Augustin and Lucie who come in support for this team for 6 months and will be volunteers on missions such as project manager for the pastry food truck.
Welcome all, we wish you a very beautiful year!

A successfull year!

A year has already come to an end for our 400 students. During a year, they have been working hard and in July, the class council met to review the results. Here is the record of this school year:

At the primary school, of the 253 pupils:
– 237 students have passed in the upper class
– 7 students have dropped out of school
– 9 students have failed their class
For 2017-2018, our teams have been working to recruit new students at school. Thus, beginning of october, 21 children will start Kindergarten, 18 new students in Grade1, 2 in G2 and 1 in G5.
About the follow-up students, out of the 121 students:
– 5 out of 6 students in Grade 12 have passed their final exam (equivalent to the baccalauréat)
– 101 students have passed in the upper class
– 13 students have dropped out of school
– 2 students have failed
In early August, we organized the kids party at the primary school with all our students. On the program: games, music, meals and certificates of excellence distribution to our best students!





The 3rd Bakery Promotion also had its graduation ceremony surrounded by hotel and restaurant chefs as well as families. Our 13 young girls graduated with emotion after an intense week of exams. Today, our 13 alumni have found a pastry job in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

Congratulations to all our students and our teams for this successful year!

(Fr) Summer camp 2017 avec les Scouts !

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New menu at the coffee shop!

Food lovers, take note! After two years of opening, we have changed the menu of the coffee shop to offer you more delicious cakes, pastries and other sweetness!
For 2 months, our shock teams have been working to create new recipes: now you can order our muesli with fresh fruits and homemade yoghurt, smoothie bowls as well as a new delicious fruit tarts not to mention croissants, chocolatines and brioches. There is something for all tastes and appetites with very greedy options and other healthier but equally appetizing…
The major innovation is the diversification of the menu with the addition of gluten-free and vegetable-free offers. There are now 3 free gluten cakes at the coffee shop, our best seller being the “Mandise” (cake with a chocolate spread)!18922745_1914296088827508_6736871933376136677_o
We have also begun selling our homemade products, such as jam jars (mango / passion, banana / ginger, watermelon / anise), peanut butter, and chocolate spread to take home or to offer! On this occasion we thank Nomad Tastes: Babeth and Rochelle, coming from Singapore to teach our pastry chef Sokhoeurn the secrets of an exquisite jams. Thank you!DSC09548
Do not hesitate to follow the Instagram account and the Facebook page of the coffee shop, where you will discover photos and videos of our new pastries and offers for breakfast! In addition to being delicious it is also beautiful …. This is the SEE FOOD DIET!
See you soon !

, 26 June 2017