Class council

The first semester’s final exams took place in the last week of January at the primary school. Here is a quick report of our student’s results
Over our 261 students, 96% of students completed their semester and 50 were reported as having difficulties on one of these 3 criteria:
• Failure in the first semester (= average below 5/10)
• Over 3 unjustified absences
• Behavior problems or consequent learning difficulties
The class council thus allowed to consider each of these students and find solutions to help them improve their results and behaviors.
The following is a summary of the decisions made:
1. For each pupil in failure, meetings will be held with the parents to make them aware of their child’s schooling and to decide on a way to help the pupil to progress:
– Find help from a family member
– Give school materials to practice at home
2. Parents will now receive a summary of their child’s academic performance by letter
3. We will introduce math tutoring courses for grades 5 and 6
Here are some examples of the follow-up measures we are putting in place to give each student a better chance of successfully pursuing their education.
Congratulations to all our students who obtained good results this semester.

, 23 March 2017

Intense activities at the coffee shop

The coffee shop started the year 2017 with lots of energy: the launch of new events such as “Open Air Cinema” and “Chill Out Sunday”, the visit of French chefs as well as the creation of new pastries and partnerships!
Open Air Cinema
During one evening, the coffee shop turns into a cinema! During the film, participants enjoy a meal including pastries and a dinner prepared by a partner restaurant. The Open Air Cinema is organized according to a thematic. As the last one was scheduled on the 8th of March, we chose movies featuring women as heroines. We projected the movie Mustang as most votes were it. Thanks to this evening we raised $113 for Bayon Pastry School NGO! A big thank you to all participants.
Chill out Sunday
Relax it’s Sunday! One Sunday per month a special brunch is organized. Last month it was a **Yoga** Chill Out Sunday. A yoga class (made in partnership with association AZAHAR foundation) was followed by a detox brunch. This event was a great success with more than 25 brunch served.
The visit of French chefs
Thanks’ to our partnership with L’Ouvre Boite, Georgiana Viou and Emmanuel Perrodin came to Bayon Pastry School and gave a pastry class to the students.
After some time in the kitchen, the students came out with trays full of chocolate fondant. All the lucky ones who were present at the coffee shop could try the cake. The feedbacks were unanimous: it’s awesome! Thank you to L’Ouvre Boite and the chefs, we all had a great time.

New pastries
Eclair (coffee, chocolate, vanilla, banana and watermelon-coconut) and brownies arrived on the menu! We also launched the macaroons for Valentine’s Day (chocolate/passion, mango, coconut and lemon). With these new pastries, our idea is to keep traditional recipes while adding a local touch, especially with all the delicious exotic fruits available in Cambodia.

Time flies! The coffee shop will celebrate its 2 years old on the 29th of April. For this event, a very nice gift is already ready as we are proud to announce that the coffee shop will now be referenced in the Guide Routard 2018!

New staff recruitments

Thanks to all our supports, Bayon school keeps growing and allows us to welcome every year more children. This year, it is more than 250 children who are studying at the primary school.
In order to accompany the children and their families we decided to create a new position of site manager. Viseth, takes on this new function; its mission will be:
– Improvement of the primary school’s administrative management in support of the principal of the school
– Site’s maintenance with constant monitoring of hygiene and safety condition’s improvement.
– Implementation of projects that are important to us, especially the canteen.
Viseth, who did remarkable work as a social worker, is replaced by Soki. Welcome to her!
Viseth 2
To strengthen this team, a school administration office will be created at the primary school so that these people are closest to students and families.
These efforts to improve and structure an office for the primary school will be accompanied in the coming months by investments for which your support will be welcome!
As for the pastry school, sales are constantly growing both at the coffee shop and with our partnerships with hotels and restaurants that recognize the quality of our products. So we decided to recruit a new assistant pastry chef: Sokli, who comes in support of our chef Sokhoeurn and his team. Finally we will be able to open the coffee shop on Monday in addition to the other days of the week. We recruited Sreyleak, a former student who will be able to hold the coffee shop with Romnea and also practice her skills as a young pastry chef alongside Sokhoeurn in the kitchen.

Congratulations to all our staff for their investment and their work which allows the NGO to develop, to carry out projects and more and more young people to get a training.

Angkor Academy

Angkor Academy is a pedagogical project around English class created in order to introduce Khmer culture to children all over the world through an online platform. Thus, the students of our partner schools will be able to discover the daily life of Cambodian children through monthly published themes. Those themes will be posted online in the form of units illustrated with videos, photos and other types of contents made by the Bayon School students twice a month.
Please read the testimony of Margaux our education coordinator:

Within the framework of Angkor Academy, I organise creative and educative activities with Grade 2 and Grade 4 students. Together, we learned how to craft animal masks to learn their names and garlands to brighten up the English classroom. We played with the vocabulary they learned with Sroun, the English teacher. We also learned about the important of sorting trash and taking care of the environment. The children are very curious and energetic; they are always enthusiastic regarding the new activities we propose them with other volunteers. We also shared with our partner school Carlepont and each student wrote a presentation of himself / herself to send to the students in France. In the coming months, we will further the children’s positive relation to their environment through the waste sorting bins, the embellishment of the school and the future garden the children will take great care of.

Grade 4 (6)

Grade2 (1)












A drawing for a greeting card!

This year, DBX Conseil, a real estate specialist company asked us to organize a drawing contest with our students from primary school in order to use it for their 2017 greeting card!
2 classes from Grade 3 and 4 decided to take up the challenge and drew the school of their dream!
Grade 4
Grade 5
We collected 67 drawings and sent them to DBX Conseil. They organized a meeting to choose the best drawing.
And the winner is Nuoc Socheat in grade 3! Congratulations!
A big thank to DBX Conseil for this amazing project which raised 5000€ for the NGO! We wish to thank particulary Hervé Gauthier and Jean Christophe Defelice for their investment.

, 20 December 2016