Our students’ results
in 2017-2018

Last year, 256 children and youth were studying at Bayon School. Results were satisfying, with an 88% success rate!
Despite 4% dropouts, we were pleased to see 98% attendance – which is way above our expectations. Although these results are very encouraging, we want to achieve even better results this year. For this, we will strengthen parents’ involvement and will make sure they are aware of the school rules in order to reduce absence without leave. We’ll also continue to develop our social support programme; which reduces absence for medical reasons.
You can find below the conclusions of the teachers’ final meeting, which took place in July:


Finally, we’re pleased to share fantastic news with you: all of our Grade 12 students (formers primary school pupils whom we’ve been supporting in secondary school) have passed their final high school exam. Great to achieve 100% success rate, against 66% average at the national level. We’re proud of them, their hard work and their involvement. Another good news, they all expressed a desire to continue their studies at the university. Accounting, literature, tourism … they have all found a subject of study and can count on the Bayon school support in the continuation of their education.


, 17 September 2018