Welcome to the 2nd intake of Bayon Pastry School!


More than ever motivated by the success of the 1st intake, we welcomed 17 new students on early September, following the same strict selection process as last year:

– Applying form: the girls must give much information about their family so that we can assess their social background, the level of studies and their motivation. This form, compared to our criteria (17-25 yeals old, has been to school until at least grade 6, very strong motivation, very poor background of the family), enables us to make a first selection.

– Entrance examination: it includes a written test on general knowledge, mathematics, English notions and an interview.

– Family visits: run by our social worker, they let us check on the information given on the applying form, but also determine more precisely the social and financial level of the family and the parents’ motivation to entrust their daughter to us and to support us during the training.

Some pictures of the family visits:

Keo Keang IMG_3572 Ek Sreynich (2) Bouey Bunnat

Start of class

After a week which was dedicated to the assessment of the students’ level in English and mathematics and to hygiene and food safety, they got to the heart of the matter: ingredients, supplies and first pastry recipes, introducing themselves in English, additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions, fundamental to respect a recipe.

intake2_2 intake2_13 intake2_18 intake2_23

The first internships

The 8 students in group 1 just started their first internship on the 26th of october, until the 4th of december. They are working in the biggest hotels of Siem Reap: Victora, Angkor Palace, Sofitel, Héritage, etc. From the 6th of December to the 15th of January, the 9 other students will be immersed in the professional world. Two other periods of internship, longer than the first, will take place from late January until early april and from mid-april until late june.


Last year, you enabled a young Cambodian woman to follow our vocational training and get a job. Give this opportunity to our new students! You can contact us to sponsor the training of one of our pastry students.


They support us:

– Fondation Bergerac

– Fondation Amisse

– La Cure Gourmande

– Fondation Arcéal

– We Like the World

– Energy Assistance France

– Henkel

– R.O Veolia Water (Vietnam) Investment Itd Ho Chi Minh City

– Fondation Nourrir Aimer Donner

– Agence des Micro-Projets

– Colam Initiatives

– Fondation Natan

– Crédit Agricole CIB

– Bruno Moineville

– BILD hilft e.V “Ein Herz für Kinder”

, 28 October 2015