Back to school 2014

Last Wednesday, 1st of October, was the first day back to school for our students. As usual, we welcomed the students from grades 2 to 5, but this year a new class was also created to welcome grade 1 students!
Thanks to the construction of a new classroom, we can now have 40 more students and therefore provide them with quality education from early on. Sameth, our former English teacher, is now in charge of this class to teach the young ones how to read, write and count with all his patience and pedagogy.
To take over the English class for grades 2 and 3, we recruited Phon Sroun, who is currently finishing her studies to become an English teacher.
For this new year, we also built a Canteen and an infirmary. Both buildings will be ready to work in November so that we can provide the students with a balanced daily meal and basic care when they hurt themselves playing or are sick.
We all wish the kids a beautiful new year at Bayon Primary School !

, 1 October 2014