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The pastry students’ extra-curricular activities!

Pastry students split their days between the stoves and the classrooms, although – fortunately for them – they also have some nice breaks.
Whether it is to learn or to participate to events, they are always very eager to get involved. For example, they participated to the 3km race at the Angkor Wat Half-Marathon on December, 3rd.
Another place, another atmosphere: the Phare Circus show (the main circus, theater and performing arts organisation in Cambodia) made them laugh out loud.


Finally, Tep, our former social worker in charge of the pastry school, wished to share a last moment with the girls before his departure. He organized a whole day of bike rides in the amazing Angkor temples. The opportunity for girls to discover or rediscover this incredible site, and to exchange with the volunteers who joined the group.
, 21 December 2017

A new follow-up students program since the beginning of September 2017.

In order to better prepare their future and inspire our high school students, every month we will present them to people who are willing to talk about their successful professional experience. At the October meeting, they met Soki, our social worker who grew up in a very precarious environment, and Sokheurn, our chef and teacher at the pastry school.

In November, it was Viseth and Bunthon Chea’s turn to speak. Viseth is both the current head of the Bayon primary school and a guide in the Angkor temples during the weekends, whereas Bunthon Chea is the co-founder of Technokhmer (sales, service and IT solutions company). They particularly stressed the importance of academic success in their career.


To complete this vocational coaching, we have also set up personal development classes and course choice classes for high school students every Wednesday afternoon.
A big thank you to Patrick Labelle, a retired Frenchman who has been teaching logic and note-taking to high school students for the past decade. Patrick comes to Cambodia and invites them to reflect on their emotions and express them freely. As you can guess, it is unusual in their school course. Indeed, the learn-it-by-heart method largely remains the main teaching method that children encounter in Cambodia!

Eat & move with the Bayon School!

One of the new scholar year’s big changes is the daily breakfast we provide to students. Students at the Bayon School can now recharge their batteries every morning. The need for a morning meal was real: more than 90% of the children used to start class on an empty stomach.
Moreover, we would like to thank the Mandrays (the family behind this great project) and all the sponsors who support this program.

If you would like to help us on this project, please visit this page:

In addition to this nutritious break, since the beginning of the school year, Bayon School students have also been getting additional classes.

Viseth (the primary school manager) and Augustin (volunteer since September 2017) initiated this project. They have set up sports classes for children in Grades 4, 5 and 6. Football, basketball, volleyball … children are very pleased to practice sport between two hours of class. Our two “instructors” even plan to organize competitions against other schools in Siem Reap to stimulate the students’ team spirit.
Finally, we have decided to give students more opportunities to think about their future job. For example, we organized a visit at the Bayon Pastry School for students in Grade 6. They were able to talk to Sokhoeurn, our pastry chef. Who knows, maybe they will become pastry chefs themselves!


A big thank-you to the association Le Rêve d’Elo

On october the 21st, 2017 was organised by the association « Le Rêve d’Elo » the 3rd dance party in the village hall of Anisy (Calvados).

For the last 3 years, the members of this association have been organising events in order to finance the set-up of the canteen, of which Elodie is responsible within the Bayon School.
PROGRAM OF THE EVENT: a reward session to the winners of the raffle organized on this occasion (the gifts were offered by the generous partners of the association), followed by a dinner with some delicious paella (more than 300 guests were there). It ended with a festive and warm dance party.

Thank you to the association « Le Rêve d’Elo » and to all those present at this beautiful event, which raised 7,000€. These funds will help feeding elementary school children daily through La Cantine d’Elodie.
The people who organised this event thanked the Municipality of Anisy, which put the village hall at their disposal and which significantly got involved with them once again.
Finally, the members of the association “Le Rêve d’Elo” thank everyone for realising Elodie’s dream, for whom the joy and the smile on the children’s faces were the most beautiful reward.


, 6 November 2017