I become a sponsor!


I become a sponsor!

Bayon sponsoring Bayon School, you’ll be part of a community with over 400 people and contribute to financing our school projects and free quality education for our students. You’ll also help our students who finish primary school to pursue their education in public secondary schools.

To thank you, we’ll send you news from our school through an electronic leaflet at the beginning of each school year, ournewsletter and social media (Bayon School on Facebook).

→ The amount of a sponsorship is €300 per year (or €25 per month), which covers the costs of two uniforms, school supplies, one yearly medical check-up, one hygiene kit and daily lunch at school for one child for a school year.

If you wish to support us, please fill our support form and send it with your bank details:

By e-mail : to parrain@ecoledubayon.org ;

By post : to Vincent Robert, Le Moulin de Faye. 87400 Moissannes, France.

If you would like to have a godchild and receive his/her picture every year, please tick this option on the support form.

A minimum giving pledge of 3 years is required.

Support form 2016 (PDF)


Tax benefits

Each donation to SEP du Bayon entitles you to a tax-deductible receipt. If you are a taxpayer, 66% of your donation is deductible from your taxes and up to 20% of your taxable income (in France).

→ For example: if you sponsor a child with a €300 gift, your tax deduction will be €198. The real cost of your donation will only be €102 (around €8.5/month).

If you want to learn more about the sponsoring of a child, please send your questions to parrain@ecoledubayon.org.

Meeting our sponsee : The story of Lim and Thibaud

” Siem Reap, today will be hot, I jump on my bicycle and ride the 10 km that will get me to the Bayon School. As I am approaching the famous temple, I hear children laughing and screaming on my left, that’s the place I am looking for! At the entrance, I see Elodie and Lim waiting for me. Lim, born in an underprivileged family, as ambition, he wants to become a great cooking chef. Lim has also been our sponsee for several years and indeed I am moved to meet him. We visit the school and I discover the different actions undertaken by the NGO, appreciating the dedication, kindness and humility of the volunteers working here.”

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