Why this school?

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Marcel, a French expat living in Tokyo, made friends with a generous monk heading to the Preah Saar pagoda near the Bayon temple, in Angkor, Cambodia. The monk used to shelter and educate orphans in his pagoda. When he died, in 1996, Marcel felt he had been entrusted with a mission; to continue and develop his friend’s action. He then raised funds from friends, colleagues and connections. Thanks to them and to the support of his Cambodian friends Mai and the monks, a classroom was built on the land of the pagoda.

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Today, we are an NGO registered in France as S.E.P. du Bayon (Soutien à l’Ecole de la Pagode du Bayon – or École du Bayon). Thanks to our donors, this elementary school now offers free education to orphans and disadvantaged children from the surrounding countryside. Since 2007, we have also helped children to continue studying until they graduate from high school in Siem Reap – the nearest city.