Artists and athletes expected at
Bayon primary school

Ever since we set up new footballs goals at the primary school last October, it became clear that our pupils love sports! They are very keen on playing – sometimes even more than expected. Once, Augustin had called in 12 players for a football game against an external team, but 25 showed up on the big day! The result of that game was also unexpected as they scored only one goal while their opponents scored… 12! To be fair, things were not in our favour that day: in addition to the stress of the first game and the difference of training between the two teams (Next Steps FC happens to be a junior professional team!), their opponents refused to play without shoes while all our pupils were barefoot.
But this defeat did not hamper their motivation as they managed to win the two following games – and they can’t wait for the next one. This strong excitement led us to incorporate sports in their weekly timetable. We hired a Khmer professional sports teacher since the beginning of February. His job description includes doing sports with all the children (football, volleyball, running, etc) and organizing tournaments with other schools. He seems to be well-integrated at school and the children love him.

On the same line, Lucie hired two traditional dance teachers. Both are deaf and mute. She had spotted them during the weekly show they give in Siem Reap as part of the NGO Krousar Thmey (which helps educating children with handicap). She offered them to give some lessons at the primary school, which they accepted straight away. They now give 1 hour of Apsara dance lesson every week to Grade 5 and 6 students. All volunteers who want to join can, boys and girls.
These incredible teachers are particularly expressive. They effortlessly manage to go beyond their handicap and they catch the students’ attention easily. The students enjoy this new activity; they have the feeling that they are learning how to dance with their big sisters. They are preparing together a year-end show which promises to be very moving.
Finally, Gilles – volunteer at the Bayon School for the 3rd year in a row – has started to work with Marine and our pupils at the primary school. They are doing an important artistic project with bamboo and painting. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to follow the news about this project.
Atelir Gilles1
, 14 March 2018